28 sophomores to serve as Peer Support trainees next year

Nearly 30 sophomores will learn to counsel other students as Peer Support trainees next year, school psychologist Luba Bek announced today in an email to all applicants. Bek, along with fellow adviser Dr. Sheila Siegel and the Peer Support coordinators, chose 11 boys and 17 girls to be trainees next year and eventually leaders during their senior year.

Angus O’Brien ’14, Gaby Romano ’14, Max Rothman ’14 and Sophie Sunkin ’14 were elected by the current junior trainees as the new Peer Support Coordinators April 8.

Peer Support Trainees 2013-2014:

Noah Bennett ’15

Morgan Brown ’15

Lili Cohen ’15

Sydney Concoff ’15

Briana Cooper ’15

Aaron Drooks ’15

Cosima Elwes ’15

Sara Evall ’15

Landon Fadel ’15

Lucas Gelfen ’15

Grace Gerber ’15

Jacob Goodman ’15

Roman Holthouse ’15

Megan Kaplan ’15

Rebecca Katz ’15

Isabelle Lesh ’15

Jensen McRae ’15

Maxine Moore ’15

Rachel Persky ’15

Gwynn Pollard ’15

Henry Prentice ’15

Jack Price ’15

Sam Schlessinger ’15

Mark Shkurovich ’15

J.J. Spitz ’15

Marianne Verrone ’15

Xenia Viragh ’15

Sean Zoka ’15

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