Pop singer, philanthropist speak at La Femme meetings

Liz Nisitco, lead singer of the Indie-Pop band Holychild, spoke to La Femme Feb. 9 about gender equality and empowerment in her music and videos, after students crossed paths with Nisitco during several of Holychild’s concerts. “When I would talk to [Nisitco] after her shows, she would say that her manager went to school here, […]

Blogging Cuba: Homemade cigars, salsa and losing at baseball to little children

Wednesday, Jan. 21 We woke up in our home-stay homes to a traditional breakfast of bread with butter, fresh pineapple juice, freshly-cut pineapples, and fried eggs. We got ready to leave for the tobacco farm in Viñales, where we purchased homemade cigars and took footage of farmers working the fields. Instead of tractors, they used […]

Blogging Havana: Eating where Hemingway ate

Sunday, Jan. 18 The moment we got out of the airport in Havana, Cuba, I noticed the vintage cars. Lined perfectly side-by-side, they each sported colors of maroon, turquoise, and yellow. We took our tour bus to Cuba Havana, where we had a popular dish of chicken, rice, beans, and fried potato. The cuisine was […]

Blogging Havana: Starting in Little Havana, Miami

Sunday, Jan 18 From the moment we got off our shuttle van in Domino Park on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami, we could feel the difference in culture. Inside the park, retired Cuban immigrants were spending hours glued to their domino or chess game. The environment was filled with laughter, fast-spoken Spanish and the […]

Crash Course

Glass was shattered everywhere, the left airbag went off and her Mazda 3 Hatchback door was crumpled. As Sloane Chmara ’15 reevaluated what had just happened, she could already feel a tightening in her neck and shoulders, growing effects of whiplash. Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and deaths of teenagers, especially between […]

English teacher receives Moss chair endowment

The second George E. and Thuy Moss Chair in English was awarded to English teacher Amanda Angle on Jan. 5 to honor her dedication to teaching. Buddy Moss ’48 funded the endowment to ensure that the school had the resources to be able to support great teachers after he was greatly impacted by his English […]

Parents’ Association to launch party book

The Parents’ Association is launching an online party book Jan. 15 to raise money for financial aid. The book is a collection of parties or events that are hosted by parents, alumni, administrators or teachers. They donate the parties to the book, and parents can purchase tickets. Events include dinner parties at parents’ private homes, […]

New, donated organ installed in chapel

The chapel acquired a new organ which was installed during November before winter break. The new organ will be used for events in the chapel. “It was available for any type of service held in [the chapel],” Chaplain J. Young said. “It also may be made available for student use.” The old organ was 40 […]