School hosts cultural competency training

In order to discuss how teachers can respect and honor the identities of their students, all new faculty members participated in the school’s first cultural competency training, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Janine Jones said. “We thought [the training] would be the best way to not just talk the talk, but also walk the […]

Home run: English classes go to Dodger Stadium

After her class read “The Madonnas of Echo Park,” which follows the stories of several Mexican-Americans who struggle to hold on to their ethnic identity as their neighborhoods change, English teacher Jenna Gasparino took her English III classes on a field trip to Dodger Stadium and the neighborhoods around it to observe the gentrification in […]

Speaking Up

Over 500 students from all over the Los Angeles area arrived on campus to engage in workshops, listen to speakers and participate in an open mic during the fourth annual Wider Than The Sky Poetry Festival on Saturday. While students from Harvard-Westlake were welcome to attend, the event was mostly geared toward students from LAUSD […]

School drops temporary restraining order against Jonathan Martin ’08

The school dropped its temporary restraining order against Jonathan Martin ’08 that was put into effect after Martin allegedly posted a threatening photo on Instagram that caused the school to close in February, President Rick Commons said. After reaching an agreement collaboratively with the former NFL player and his family that Commons said will provide […]

Mental health facility releases Jonathan Martin ’08

A mental health facility released Jonathan Martin ’08 today, two months after he allegedly shared a threatening Instagram post that prompted the school to close. Martin received a judge’s permission to leave the facility after a clinical director said he supported his release, according to TMZ. He was sent to the facility for treatment after […]

Actress Beanie Feldstein ’11 speaks to students about her career and her time at the school

Actress Beanie Feldstein ’11 speaks to students about her career and her time at the school

Actress Beanie Feldstein ’11, who was in the Oscar-nominated movie, “Lady Bird,” and starred alongside Bette Midler in “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway, spoke to students and faculty about her experiences in the entertainment industry and how Harvard-Westlake has impacted her life after school March 5. La Femme invited Feldstein to speak as part of Women’s […]

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