In Tune With Japan: Jazz Musicians Prepare for a Concert Tour in Japan

In Tune With Japan: Jazz Musicians Prepare for a Concert Tour in Japan

Every eighth period, the sound of music rings through the halls of Chalmers as student jazz musicians run through their repertoire. Following their performance in the Next Generation Jazz Festival in Monterey on March 9-11, jazz musicians have been practicing every day for their concert tour in Japan on March 22-April 1. For the Next […]

Crooked coverage: the Olympics

The Olympic Games, more so than any other sporting event, aim to connect people from all around the world. The opening and closing ceremonies conducted at every Olympics allow host nations to showcase their unique and diverse cultures. Olympians have the chance to represent their countries on a global stage; national pride and patriotism are […]

Champion boxer speaks about boxing’s impact on his life

Champion boxer Ricky Quiles spoke to members of the Boxing Club on Monday about the positive impact boxing has had on his life. Quiles shared about his successes over his personal struggles with abusive parents and substance addiction. Club president Charles Connon ’18, who has been training with Quiles for 10 years, said he invited Quiles […]

Photography students win contest

Photography students win contest

Photography students Cole Heine ’19 and Assistant News Editor Kaitlin Musante ’19 earned recognition for their submissions to the 2017 Drexel University High School Photography Contest, which chose 120 students nationwide. Their winning photographs will be on exhibit at Drexel’s photography gallery in February. “It’s really nice to be recognized, especially for something [like photography] […]

Living Through Language

Living Through Language

Chinese idioms, or chengyu, are difficult to learn, culturally complex and grammatically irregular. For most students of Chinese, they’re a nightmare. But as her classmates groaned at the sight of a new list of characters to memorize, Taia Cheng ’19 tapped her pencil on her desk, eager to learn each new phrase and its unique […]

An Evening of Jazz: Upper school jazz musicians perform in winter concert

Upper school jazz musicians performed in the first jazz concert of the year Dec. 10 in Rugby Theater, showcasing their months of hard practice. The concert, which was originally scheduled for Dec. 8, was postponed due to the recent wildfires in the area and the school’s subsequent closing. Upper school performing arts teacher Shawn Costantino directed the concert. […]

Juniors order rings for senior ceremony

Juniors ordered personalized class rings last week on campus from Jostens from April 19 to 20. Students could choose either the traditional ring, which features the school crest, or the achiever ring, which features the student’s birthstone. “I wanted something to remind me of my experience at Harvard-Westlake,” Claire Tan ’18 said. “The rings will […]

Adviser to discuss Trout in Classroom project

Trout in Classroom program adviser Rudy Brown will speak to select AP Environment Science students about wild trout populations and their ongoing project Feb. 27 at the Upper School. Brown serves as a contact for the regional TIC program, which the school applied to and received its accreditation to raise and release trout. The program […]

Alumni host Jewish activities panel

School alumni and Jewish education professionals hosted an open panel on activities for Jewish teenagers Jan. 19 at the Upper School. Panel members discussed opportunities centered around Judaism that are available to students in high school and college. The panel consisted of Director of the Center of Youth Engagement at Stephen S. Wise Temple Andrea […]