Thinking about change

What am I most afraid of? Change. I would not consider myself a conservative person. I like things to be different and evolving, but, at the same time, I am frightened by change. I am currently living in Beijing, China as part of the high school foreign exchange program School Year Abroad. Of course moving […]

Silence is golden

I find it a little disconcerting that I am having trouble figuring out what to write. I think the problem is that I am trying to put my feelings into words and, at the moment, words just don’t seem to be doing them justice. I think because I have been learning to better communicate without […]

Christmas in Beijing

I am an orphan, but only for two weeks. Besides me, there are about 10 other orphans, and we have all banded together and made a Skype group, which we have cleverly titled The Orphans. Our namesake is the fact that we have been left alone in Beijing, where we have been living since August […]