Skidding Out of Halkirk

Skidding Out of Halkirk

Starting this fall, the school will strictly enforce its policy prohibiting students from parking on neighboring streets, including Halkirk Street. Students caught violating the rule will be punished severely, receiving an unexcused absence and being sent home that day. By truly removing off-campus parking, the school hopes to reduce demand, increase ride-sharing among students and […]

Immigration attorney discusses asylum seekers

Immigration attorney Lori Schoenberg spoke to students about immigration at the United States-Mexico border and the current administration’s policies regarding asylum seekers in Ahmanson Lecture Hall on May 20. Schoenberg, who volunteers with the Harvard-Westlake Immigration Assistance Club, addressed the immigration process and challenges that the system is facing. Schoenberg discussed asylum seekers’ motivations for […]

LAHSO hosts first independent sleepover

LAHSO hosts first independent sleepover

Students in the Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization held their second annual sleepover at the school to get to know each other better and to discuss issues present in the Latino community April 26, attendee Penny Juarez ’21 said. The event was LAHSO’s first independent sleepover, as last year’s sleepover included members of the […]

Stone-Cutters staff recite poetry, display artwork

Staff members of the upper school literary magazine Stone-Cutters recited poetry and featured artwork in Chalmers East during their first display of the year. “It’s been a year where we’ve gone through a lot of changes,” Anna Katz ’20 said. “We used to just do the end-of-year publication, and this year this is our second […]

15 students enrolled in Chinese curriculum receive essay contest award

Fifteen students received awards in the 15th annual National Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary School Essay Contest.  Students answered two different questions depending on their level of education in Mandarin. Non-native speakers enrolled in either the Regular or Immersion category and entered the majority of essays, while native speakers submitted their essays in the Heritage […]

Father Justin to host weekly chapel services

Father Dan Justin will begin officiating weekly chapel services in St. Savior’s Chapel across from the Feldman-Horn plaza every Tuesday at 7:30 AM, following Father James Young’s retirement last year. The services are Episcopalian, last for roughly 25 minutes and include a brief homily and a Holy Communion from the Episcopal prayer book. Father Dan […]

Zane Grenoble ’19 retraces path of Spanish Reconquista

Combining his interests in world history, poetry, the Spanish language and cycling, Zane Grenoble ’19 traveled to southern Spain to retrace the path of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s victories over the moors during the Reconquista. Grenoble, traveling alone, cycled roughly 200 miles from Albarracín and to Albufera over nine days following Vivar’s conquest. Vivar, also […]