Repainting the Past

As Lena Bagley ’22 walked to her local grocery store June 14, she passed a long procession of protesters turning onto Fairfax Avenue, brandishing signs emblazoned with the phrase “All Black Lives Matter.” The following day, Bagley noticed the phrase again, this time in the form of a large and brightly-colored street mural on Hollywood […]

Covid Creations

Covid Creations

   As weeks in isolation stretched to months, Skylar Liu ’21, normally a prolific painter, found herself struggling to find inspiration. Nevertheless, Liu said art has always helped her find solace, and for that reason, she pushed herself to focus on tactile art forms.  After the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in June, […]

Feldman-Horn exhibit displays art portfolios

The art department kicked off an exhibition displaying the work of four Advanced Placement art students Tuesday in the Feldman-Horn Gallery. Participant Haley Levin ’20 said she saw the exhibition as a success and that she is enthusiastic about it going forward. “I’m very proud of [Cleo Maloney ’21, Oscar Montañez-Garay ’20, Hailey Hameetman ’20] […]