Deans implement new college planning software

In order to improve the college search process, the upper school deans introduced College Kickstart, a software for college planning and career assessment. The Class of 2020 will be the first class to utilize the program, Upper School Dean Celso Cardenas said. “[The deans] have been talking about College Kickstart for probably over two years,” […]

Reconciling the past: A former Nazi and a Holocaust survivor share their experiences during WWII

Reconciling the past: A former Nazi and a Holocaust survivor share their experiences during WWII

In an effort to inspire future change, former German Nazi Ursula Martens and Holocaust survivor Erika Jacoby shared their different experiences during World War II at an all-school assembly Wednesday. Xenia Bernal ’19 hosted the speakers in partnership with the Righteous Conversations Project, a program of the non-profit organization Remember Us. Bernal said that, in […]

Government shutdown impacts school community

Government shutdown impacts school community

When Sam’s* friends first told him about the government shutdown during winter break, he was initially shocked by the news. His disbelief, however, quickly turned into concern as he thought about the thousands of government employees who would be without pay. The government shutdown began at midnight on Dec. 21, which caused all non-essential federal […]

Students contract whooping cough

Eight students across both the middle and upper school campuses were diagnosed with pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, Community Health Officer Milo Sini said in an email Dec. 18.  The school notified only the parents of students who share classes or activities with those infected. This is the second consecutive year the highly contagious […]

Teacher gives art research to Getty Museum

Visual arts teacher Cheri Gaulke donated her research based on the Los Angeles feminist art movement of the 1970s and ‘80s to the Getty Museum’s Research Institute.  The Woman’s Building, a seminal Los Angeles-based center for feminist art, will digitize and process various artist archives, which include project files, research papers, flyers and postcards. “It […]

Prefects implement Orange Sheet system

In order to eliminate miscommunication between students and teachers, Prefect Council implemented a new Orange Sheet system, which students will use to move a test when they have three or more on the same day, junior prefect Michael Lehrhoff ‘20 said. Prefect Council announced the new initiative in an email to the student body Nov. […]

Balancing beliefs

As the political climate in our country continues to spiral towards what seems like a never-ending abyss of a two-party controversy, students have naturally become more active in voicing their opinions on popular issues. Witnessing such participation among my peers makes me proud to be a part of this generation. However, as we become more involved […]

Teachers address midterms in class

Teachers address midterms in class

During the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, the history department prepared in-class activities and discussions for students regarding possible outcomes of the race. The late-start block schedule days encouraged some history teachers to implement an election-related activity or assignment in their classes, history teacher Celia Goedde said. “With the block periods landing […]

School community experiences late-start schedule

With the culmination of the school year’s first quarter, the upper school community experienced the first of two pairs of late-start block schedule days Thursday and Friday. Head of Upper School Laura Ross welcomed the trial days after members of Prefect Council discussed ways to adjust the current schedule to reduce student stress. The Scheduling […]