Waze Around It

Waze Around It

Rachel Persky ’15 rushes out the door and into her car to drive to her friend’s beach house, pulling up the navigation app Waze on her iPhone. She is running 10 minutes late and is stressed that she will not be on time. Quickly, she types in the address of the house and is surprised […]

Kiss & Tell

Kiss & Tell

She slipped away from her cabin and rushed down to the beach dunes at her sleep-away camp where Jack, her camp boyfriend, was waiting for her. He gently kissed her nervous lips, his braces touching her teeth, and she knew she wasn’t into it. Sarah* pulled away and rushed back to her cabin, where her counselors […]

High Stakes: Closing In

Seniors learn the outcomes after submitting their Early Action and Early Decision applications. While some students’ futures are set, other students’ are still up in the air. The All-Around: Walter* was accepted to Indiana University and Tulane University after applying to both schools Early Action, and he was deferred from both the University of Michigan […]

Under Control

Jane* hears her phone alarm ring while sitting with a friend at her house. She grabs it and reads the alert on the screen: “You know what this is,” then jets into the bathroom. She takes out the circular birth control pill dispenser from the cabinet as quietly as she can, pushes a pill from […]

Growing up with Taylor Swift

Oct. 27 marked the beginning of a new era in my life, the start of my transition away from Harvard-Westlake into, well, the real world. No, I didn’t submit my application to college or receive an acceptance letter, but something more significant happened: Taylor Swift’s album “1989” came out. To be honest, at first I […]

High Stakes: 'Hitting Submit'

The Athlete: Summer* chose to apply Early Decision to Oberlin College and hit send on the Common Application last week. “It is not at all a Division I track school, or a sports-oriented school whatsoever, but they have been reaching toward me, and I really like the school, so I think that’s it,” Summer said. […]

Prada veep tells La Femme about her job

Celine Khavarani ’95, a vice president of the Italian fashion house Prada, told members of the La Femme club Monday about her career in fashion, and her belief in the importance of surrounding herself with optimistic people. Khavarani said that she works at the intersection of fashion and entertainment, and her job is to build […]

Gone in a Flash

Julia Safir ’15 cut out golden tattoos from a sheet. She took off the clear plastic cover on top of the design and placed it face down on her arm. Safir put a wet cloth over the design and held it there for 30 seconds. After peeling off the sheet, a shiny constellation of tattoos […]

Geological survey begins on land for garage

Geotechnical engineers began conducting new borings on Harvard-Westlake’s property on the west side of Coldwater Canyon Monday. The school has been working to complete its environmental review to build a parking garage and playing field on the western property. Vice President John Amato told the school’s neighbors in a letter sent Friday that Los Angeles […]

Highstakes: Finalizing the college process

Each year the Chronicle follows the paths of four seniors through their college processes. Their identities are kept anonymous until the final issue. The Artist: Blair* spent a month in Dublin, Ireland studying acting at Trinity College. Blair recorded various types of songs at the studio, such as Irish Folk songs. She plans to attend […]

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