Words I never thought I’d say

In seventh grade, I hated it here. When I got home from school, I would research different boarding schools, searching for some perfect place where I would feel more comfortable or find a different version of myself. As I climbed up through middle school and then high school, I changed. I become more extroverted and […]

Committee to evaluate Civitalks, make changes

The Character Education Committee will present its preliminary evaluation of Civitalks to faculty and administrators in order to decide what form, if any, the program will take for next year. The final Civitalks program took place April 9. Civitalks, which began this year, brought small groups of students from all three grades at the Upper […]

Time is running out

Why does Dunkin Donuts Express exist? Who thought regular Dunkin Donuts was too leisurely? I tweeted this while I was waiting in the airport last week, coming back from the East Coast on one of those interminable delays where that too-perky voice keeps cheerily informing you that your plane will be half an hour late, […]

The new SAT seems to bring more harm than good

Anyone who’s been through the college process will remember the buzz, a mix of mystery and terror, surrounding the SAT. Now, with the announcement of changes coming to the infamous test in 2016, the discussion has only intensified. My problem with this new test is multifaceted. It seems to me to be a dumbing-down of […]

In the event of emergency

An earthquake that registered a 4.4 on the Richter Scale shook Los Angeles Monday morning. Should an earthquake occur at school, students are to follow the procedure outlined in drills.

Hooked on the Olympics

In the Goldsmith household, we often say that our family sport is sulking. This is partially due to our conflicting personalities – without naming names, I’m just going to say that some of us are a little stubborn, and we have a shared tendency (maybe it’s genetic) to fume silently during arguments. The other reason, […]

Alumnus raises money for HIV vaccine research

As Director of Strategy at the Immunity Project, Ian Cinnamon ’10 raises money to fund research leading to a free preventative vaccine for HIV. Cinnamon graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013 with a degree in Brain and Cognitive Science and moved to San Francisco. He now works for the Immunity Project, which […]

Alumni face college campus spread of meningitis infection

Recent unconnected outbreaks of meningitis have caused Harvard-Westlake alumni at two college campuses to take preventative measures against the disease, including recieving injections of an unlicensed European meningitis vaccine. Those at Princeton University received the first dose of a foreign meningitis vaccination Dec. 9 —12 after eight cases of meningococcal-B, a virulent strain of bacterial […]

Changing my idea of home

My mom pestered me for days to help her decorate our Christmas tree this year (yes, we are a nice Jewish family with a Christmas tree). Swamped with homework and supplements, I resisted until she finally admitted that she was so insistent because the holidays felt especially poignant this year, since it’s the last winter […]

Students to discuss community bonding in Civitalks groups tomorrow

Sophomores, juniors and seniors will meet in small groups between fourth and fifth periods tomorrow as part of the Civitalks program. The Upper School will follow Schedule D in student planners, as stated below.   Schedule D: 1st Period: 8:00 – 8:40 2nd Period: 8:45– 9:25 3rd Period: 9:30 – 10:10 4th Period: 10:15 – […]

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