AP Economics enrollment doubles, 2 teachers added

By Lauren Rose The number of students taking AP Economics nearly doubled this year, increasing from four to six sections, and requiring two new instructors to teach the class. The difference is credited to a change in the prerequisite for the class, an increased level of interest in the subject among students, and mathematical and […]

ID card payment system replaces paper lunch cards

By Katharine Hacking and Luke Yun After a successful trial run by the faculty last year, paper lunch cards have been replaced by electronic payments for cafeteria items. Students can now pay for food by swiping their ID cards. Since these charges will be made electronically, exact prices will be visible for parents, both on […]

Maintenance and security worker was ‘quick to smile’

By Danielle Kolin Maintenance and security worker Hebron Hunt died June 25 of complications from colon cancer at the age of 66. Hunt began working for the school in 1989 as a security coordinator and officially became part of the middle school staff in 1991. He retired in January 2005, and soon after Hunt was […]

15 new teachers, 4 staff arrive at Middle School

By Olivia Kestin and Ashley Halkett Nineteen new teachers and staff joined the Middle School this year. “The Middle School usually has more turnover [than the Upper School] because the faculty are generally younger,” Head of Middle School Veronica Codrington-Cazeau said. “They have different priorities, like new cities, marriage and children. The biggest reason is […]

Tarpley works for charity arm of Hollywood talent agency

By Sophie Mancall-Bitel Two months ago, Ryan Tarpley’s work days were filled with prospective upper school students, calls from concerned parents and cafeteria lunches with Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo. Tarpley, formerly the Assistant Head of Upper School, now spends his day working at the Foundation, what he calls the “philanthropic arm” of the Creative […]

Expectant dean to work from home

By Rebecca Neubauer Starting Nov. 15, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo, who is pregnant with twins, will work from home. The babies are due in the first week of February. However, an average 36- week delivery time for twins leads Cuseo to the conclusion that they may arrive in January. Cuseo doesn’t believe her absence […]

3 new student athletes join the class of 2008

By Danielle Kolin, Claire Lew and Tiffanie Young A serious runner, a tennis and basketball player and a golfer and baseball player have transferred to the Upper School in their junior year. After two years of boarding school, incoming junior Kathryn Turner ’08 begins her first year at Harvard-Westlake today.Turner is transferring from the Thacher […]

Student e-mail returns

 By Annie Belfield and Max Rifkind-BarronStarting today, school-wide e-mail service will once again be availible to students. A school based e-mail service will replace last years’ www.gaggle.net based system, according to Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben. Ruben cited poor reliablity as the main reason for terminating the company’s contract. The new system will: Be […]

Science class gets high-tech with smart board

By Gabby Ahlzadeh Dr. Deborah Dowling, director of studies and physics teacher, will be utilizing new Sympodium “smart board” technology in her science classes for writing notes and merging whiteboard and computer based presentations together. With a 17-inch smart board similar to the one at the library technology center at the Middle School and a […]

Feldman-Horn to host modern Korean artwork

By Alexia Boyarsky Four Korean-American artists will come to the Feldman-Horn Gallery this weekend to display their work in an exhibition entitled “State of Being.” The exhibit was coordinated by Ae Kyung Lee (Ellie ’06, Jessica ’08) who worked with the Korean Parents’ Association. Hyesook Park, an artist in the show, chose the displayed art […]