Students volunteer to create lanterns at Luminaria event

Seven students crafted handmade lanterns alongside Studio City residents at the ninth annual Luminaria Event held by the Studio City Neighborhood Council’s Cultural Affairs Committee at Campo de Cahuenga on Saturday. The lanterns were used during Sunday night’s free family event celebrating the holiday season and the history of Campo de Cahuenga. According to the […]

Makeup or Made-up?

Makeup art gains popularity during the Halloween and Day of the Dead, but other artists oppose the validity of the new art form. On Halloween, Adrienne Usher ’22 strutted down the stage at the school costume contest, modeling not only disco-zombie attire, but also self-applied makeup details. Fake blood and shards of glass, created with […]

An update on behalf of business

What do we do? We invest in socially beneficial companies and industries, using the revenue accumulated from selling our student publications. We donate our investment earnings to a nonprofit organization, which the seniors on the business team will choose. This year’s yield will support further investment ventures, and we hope to use the funds we […]

Watch and Learn

Learning a language through watching TV helps with comprehension skills Ever since the Mexican comedy-drama “Club de Cuervos” caught his eye, Luke Riley ’21 has revamped his language learning strategy. Instead of flipping through pages of textbooks, he now turns to the television, watching subtitled foreign shows to further his skills in Spanish, German and […]

Boycotting for Change

Boycotting for Change

America is rooted in liberty, and although many claim that large corporations hinder our freedoms, consumers’ purchasing power illustrates the strength of our democracy. Large corporations still depend on the needs and demands of their consumers, namely us. When a company makes customer service mistakes or is insensitive to social issues, people hold it accountable. […]

The power of pi: prefects serve pie to celebrate Pi Day

Prefect Council served free pie on the quad in celebration of Pi Day. Pi Day is a national holiday celebrating the mathematical constant pi, its first digits being 3.14. Prefects served a variety of different types of pie to students and faculty throughout the day. “I really enjoyed celebrating Pi Day,” Eli Freidman ’21 said. […]

Burrows ’06 directs PSA that Michelle Obama commissioned

Maggie Burrows ’06 directed a PSA in collaboration with the organization When We All Vote, whose co-chair Michelle Obama commissioned the announcement Oct. 3. The PSA highlighted youth from various backgrounds to highlight the importance of respecting individual voices and taking the time to register to vote. When We All Vote is a not-for-profit organization […]

Faculty follows WWII track and tours Europe

Faculty follows WWII track and tours Europe

As part of the Summer Faculty Fellowship Program, 15 staff and faculty members from both the middle and upper school campuses traveled to Europe.The trip took place from June 10 to 25, beginning with a four-day visit to Berlin, Germany, where the faculty studied the rise of the Nazi regime. The faculty also visited Krakow, […]