Take a listen to a Harvard-Westlake mixtape

I’ve been known to give the people I love mixtapes as gifts over the years, and I thought the only fitting way for me to leave Harvard-Westlake was to dedicate a mixtape to it. So, Harvard-Westlake, this one’s for you. 1. “I’m Sticking with You” — Velvet Underground I was a new incoming sophomore at […]

2 teachers win India Fellowship

Two members of the faculty have been awarded the India Exploration and Immersion Faculty Fellowship sponsored by the Cultural Heritage and Arts of India Club and the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative. Visual arts department head Cheri Gaulke and middle school visual arts teacher Claire O’Connor ’06 will travel to Mumbai and Delhi, where they will explore […]

Not another wake-up call

She wasn’t answering her phone. I found out about the Los Angeles International Airport shooting at school, when I heard classmates talking about it in the lounge. I immediately picked up my cell phone and called my sister, who was supposed to be taking a flight to Dallas from LAX that morning. I called her […]

Senior to star in independent film about golf, coach-player dynamics

Bakari Bolden ’14 has taken his golf prowess to the big screen. Bolden has been acting in a feature film for the past two weeks in Palm Springs and will be filming until Nov. 20, he said. The movie, entitled “Little Loopers,” is about a young golfer, played by Bolden, and his relationship with his […]

Leaving junior year behind

Springtime has always been associated with renewal and rebirth. The days get longer, the flowers begin blooming, and animals come out of hibernation. But for students, springtime primarily signifies another school year coming to a close. For us, it represents yearbooks, finals, term papers and Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever).” The excitement and anticipation for […]

LA Times reporter speaks to The Chronicle

Award-winning Los Angeles Times staff writer Kurt Streeter told Chronicle classes about his writing process and career in journalism on Tuesday. Streeter, who has been working at the LA Times since 1998, has interviewed figures such as Kobe Bryant and Rodney King, who became nationally known after being brutally beaten by members of the Los […]

Let actions be the determining factor

As my family and I were watching the terror of the Boston bombings and the subsequent manhunt for the one living suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, unfold on television, I kept hearing the same thing over and over again: “He was a sweet guy,” “He was a lovely, lovely kid,” “He was a wonderful kid… he was […]

Artist wins national silver medal for glass sculpture

Bea DyBuncio ’13 won a silver medal for her glass sculpture at the National Scholastic Art and Writing Competition in April. The piece, entitled “Ice,” first won a gold key at the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, which automatically placed her in the running for the national competition, DyBuncio said. “This was actually the […]

Apparel, signs sold to honor Carr ’14

The Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club sold apparel and car signs to raise money for the Justin Carr Memorial Fund throughout last week. The organization sold T-shirts that featured a silhouette of Justin Carr ’14 making the peace sign. The image was taken from a photograph that Carr’s father took at a University of […]

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