Dear Diabetes: An Open Letter

Dear Diabetes: An Open Letter

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had Type 1 diabetes. With the intensity of school, academics and athletics, it can sometimes be more than I can manage. Diabetes is stressful, time consuming and difficult, but it also has given me a new approach and perspective to everyday matters. Going to Harvard-Westlake and being a […]

Tiari leaving to spend more time with family

After just two years as a history teacher at the school, Jennifer Tiari will depart to spend more time with family. “I think I will reevaluate my professional life for the future as to where I go from here,” Tiari said. “I hope to devote my time to my family.” Tiari will continue to study […]

Students hunt for wolverines in contest

The upper school Instagram account has been posting a picture of a wolverine figurine somewhere on campus every Wednesday as a contest for students to guess the statue’s location. Students comment the location of the wolverine figurine, and the contest continues until someone guesses the correct location. Whoever comments correctly wins a mystery prize. “I […]