Students make cat toys to benefit local shelters

Students make cat toys to benefit local shelters

Students made cat toys to benefit shelters around Los Angeles.  The Animal Rights Club hosted the event April 15 in the lounge during break. The club provided all materials necessary to create the toys, including stuffing and small socks. “We decided that after holding our previous fundraiser, we wanted to do something more fun and […]

Just keep swimming: Oceanography students visit aquarium

Just keep swimming: Oceanography students visit aquarium

Oceanography and Marine Biology students visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, where they viewed exhibits of organisms they studied in their class March 19. The class divided into smaller groups to view exhibits that displayed algae, sponges, mollusks and plants. Students also attended a classroom session where they learned about proper filtration, […]

Model UN students honored at conference

Thirteen students represented the countries of Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Mongolia, as well as prominent people from Ireland, Great Britain, Korea and the U.S., in a Model UN Conference at UC Santa Barbara on Feb.14-17. Club members worked in either the General Assembly Committee or Crisis Committees. In the General Assembly, students […]

Students perform at Valentine’s themed Coffeehouse

Students perform at Valentine’s themed Coffeehouse

Students performed at the Valentine’s Day-themed Coffeehouse in Chalmers East on Feb. 11. Many musical performers, including The Jack Riley Experience, Daniel Novikov ’21, Imani Allen ’19 and Ford McDill ’21, showcased their talents. Prefect Michael Lehrhoff ’20 also performed stand-up comedy, including jokes from where he lives, the Pacific Palisades. “What I really liked about […]

Junior holds holiday movie screening

In order to help diminish students’ stress over the upcoming midterms, Prefect Council screened holiday movies for students and faculty in Rugby Theatre on Friday. “I think the movies were a fun way to spread excitement for the holidays,” Coco Kaleel ’20 said. “Usually people hang out in the lounge, but because everyone is stressed […]

Prefects organize Winterfest

During the Prefect Council-sponsored Winterfest, students participated in various winter-themed activities, such as buying Wintergrams, refreshments and dress-up days, from Dec. 7-11 . Students received complimentary hot chocolate and cider, decorated cookies and listened to ensembles, including performances by Alec Davila ’20, Lauren Juzang ‘20 and duo Mila Fejzo ’19 and Becca Frischling ’19.Sophomore prefect […]

Community Council contributes to fire relief efforts

Due to the recent Los Angeles wildfires, Community Council organized a bake sale and donation drive in conjunction with their Community Service Week in order to contribute to relief efforts. Community Council held a fundraiser bake sale on the quad Nov. 14. The profits were donated to the firefighters and their families. Additionally, Community Council […]

Submission of Community Service Hours up online

Students can now submit their community service hours digitally on instead of turning in community service hours forms through the Community Council’s new electronic submission system. The Council said the new page will encourage students to perform more community service, increase its presence on campus and make the process of submitting hours smoother in […]

Lucy Kim ’19 studies political uprisings in South Korea

In an effort to discover South Korea’s history and learn more about the culture that her family grew up in, Lucy Kim ’19 traveledmet Na Kyung Taek, a famous photographer who risked his life to take photos of the Gwangju Uprising, and interviewed Spokesperson Kim Hyun, who was a major figure for the Democratic Party […]