Student photographers from HWGo! display their artwork in Feldman Horn

HWGo! Storytelling Adventure students showcased their artwork inspired by their visits to Southern California water ecology sites Thursday in Feldman Horn. Six of 14 students who attended the program presented: Chronicle Presentation Editor and Big Red Editor-in-Chief Keila McCabe ’20, Lucy Ingold ’21, Ally Landecker ’21, Gabriela Martinez-Celaya ’20, Capri Woss ’21 and Cleo Maloney […]

Debaters receive bids to Tournament of Champions

The debate team participated in a tournament at Cal State Long Beach last weekend, with Claire Conner ’23 and Chronicle Features Editor Joanna Im ’20 reaching the quarterfinal rounds. Debate team reaches quarterfinal and octafinal rounds Olivia Feldman ’22 and Allie Landecker ’21, reached the tournament’s octafinals. “I think the biggest thing we’ll be doing […]