Club to sell holiday cards to raise money for charity

The Velvet Daisies Club will sell student-made holiday cards on the quad two weeks before winter break to raise money for the Children’s Institute Inc., a foundation helping underprivileged children. A new club this year, Velvet Daisies, co-headed by Angela Chon ’16 and Justine Chen ’16, is a charity club aimed at creating a space […]

Peer Support to attend annual retreat

The senior leaders and junior trainees will attend the annual Peer Support Retreat in Malibu Sept. 12-14. It will be chaperoned by counselor and humanities teacher Luba Bek and Director of Counseling and Psychological Services Kavita Ajmere. The retreat will be a bonding experience for the approximatly 50 students. “It’s really important that we are […]