From Luddites to tech nerds: inevitable ascent

A good friend of mine who takes computer programming once took a few minutes to explain to me the nature of a computer. What he told me was pretty simple, and at the same time infinitely complex. A computer, he told me, is a massive machine made up of almost unending arrays of on and […]

Technology is not responding: but we can

So much depends on my computer. All my English essays, study guides, music, pictures, and college applications live within that four-year-old laptop. For a few hours, all this was gone. A few weeks ago, I was working on my college applications with my usually dependable MacBook computer when it froze. I decided to restart the […]

Living in China, I feel American

I am starting to become the stereotypical, American teenager. The weird part is that I’m in China. I have been a teenager for four years, and I have been living in Beijing, China with the high school foreign exchange program School Year Abroad for two months, but it is only now that I have begun […]

Remembering where I am

“In Section 6b, enter our school name and address,” said the proctor for the P.S.A.T. With my yellow, #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil I wrote School Year Abroad China, 12 Xin Jie Kou Wai, Beijing, and, then, I remembered –– I am in China. As one of my classmates likes to joke, “Last night, I went […]

Picture perfect

It seems to me that very few things appear in real life exactly as they do in pictures. Pictures, often, are touched up and taken on just the perfect day, but, when I got to the Great Wall of China, I felt as if I had been sucked into the pages of a National Geographic […]

You should care about healthcare

During this election season, there’s been a lot of discussion about Obamacare, Romneycare, the Affordable Care Act, healthcare and Medicare. And at this point, it is likely you don’t care. Why should you? Maybe you think Medicare is for old people so it doesn’t matter. Maybe you don’t know the difference between Medicare, Medicaid, and […]

Don't take your vote for granted

I am voting against our current president. In Iran, I would not be surprised if the government executed me for writing this in a newspaper. In Syria, maybe the punishment would be less severe for openly opposing the President’s reelection bid, like a life imprisonment for myself and my family. But in the United States, […]

Suffering senioritis differently

I may have an acute case of senioritis. My symptoms, however, vary from the stereotype of apathy. I’m not kicking back and skipping class. It’s a new strain of the disease. I’m plagued by: Nostalgia: continual discussion of the old middle school campus. Jovial reminiscing about my kvetchy Spectrum column, “What Grinds my Gears.” I […]

Take ownership

Editors: Upper School Back-to-School Day was costly for me this year. I arrived about 8 a.m. and parked my car in my assigned faculty spot between Chalmers and Weiler. Nobody was parked on either side of me yet. When I left, shortly after noon, most people had left, and there was nobody parked on either […]

Subway guilt

Have you ever felt guilty for eating a submarine sandwich? I have. It happened in Beijing, where I am spending my junior year of high school with the foreign exchange program School Year Abroad, at a Subway in between a café and a McDonalds. If only the café was a Starbucks and the Subway sold […]