'Do Well and Do Good'

The character theme or motto we introduce each school year usually focuses our attention on a narrow range of behaviors or outcomes. Several years ago the focus was on thoughtful and ethical decision making — choosing the “hard right over the easy wrong.” Another year, the reminder was, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you […]

A call to inaction

Halfway through a summer Netflix marathon, I thought I really should be tackling that list of books my dean gave me instead. Rather than lying there and letting my brain cells rot, I should be doing something productive. This pattern repeated itself every time I watched Very Mary-Kate on collegehumor.com or clicked through my friends’ […]

Global citizen

Cultural immersion, the anthem of the year, played itself boldly across glossy welcome packets and brochures: School Year Abroad, Spain. “Become part of the warm, rich Spanish culture.” Terms like “global citizen” and “language mastery” beckoned to curious students like siren-calls and tempted us with benefits that alumni claimed would resonate across college years and […]

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