Don’t fock it up

Try blending in with the Southern California elite fresh off the boat from Korea. Adjusting to America was tough and if I were to survive here, I’d first have to find a way to belong. Middle school had some minor advantages: students were not as competitive, I was fine wearing the same clothes everyday and […]

Love Like Snow Other

Love Like Snow Other

  Ginette (Caroline Cook ’19) is sitting next to Pete (Erick Gredonia ’17) when the two reveal that they love each other. However, Pete explains that by sitting directly next him, Ginette is also technically as far away from him as she can possibly be. Disheartened, Ginette leaves Pete. “I thought the prologue was adorable. […]

Seniors to play in last concert of the year

Seniors in Symphony Orchestra will perform Terry Riley’s musical piece “In C” outdoors on the Feldman-Horn plaza beginning at 4:30 p.m. May 31. This will be the seniors’ last concert. As a tradition, seniors have performed “In C” in past years for the senior art festival. “In C” will be the only performing arts portion […]