Science Bowl announces A, B teams

Science Bowl announced its A and B teams today after school in an email to all members. Nicholas Abouzeid ’15, Marko Fejzo ’15, Jonathan Heckerman ’15 and Aaron Shih ’15 are on the A team, along with alternate Jacob Gold ’15. The captain has not yet been decided for the A team. Enya Huang ’15 […]

3 students admitted to Get Lit program

Hannah Dains ’16, Kelly Morrison ’16 and Matt Beyer ’15 were accepted into the Get Lit poetry program, an educational organization that works to increase teen literacy with different forms of poetry. Dains and Morrison were named to the Get Lit Players team, the highest rank in the program. Beyer was named to the literate […]

Peer Support to Hold First Meeting of Years

  All Peer Support members will participate in a series of icebreaker activities to learn about each other and Peer Support itself at the first group meeting on Monday. According to Peer Support coordinator Marc Shkurovich ’15, the first meeting will aim to begin to form a bond between group members. “Our goals for the […]

Students tour club booths at Activities Fair

Students roamed the quad and signed up for clubs at Activities Fair Sept. 15 during break. The 66 clubs each tried to attract sign-ups by displaying posters and handing out treats such as candy, cookies and ice cream cones. Clubs presenting at the fair ranged from athletic clubs, like Boxing Club and Hiking Club, to […]

Activities Fair to allow students to browse clubs

Prefect Council will host Activities Fair during break Sept. 15 to allow students a chance to browse and sign up for clubs. “I didn’t really have much time to participate in clubs at the upper school [last] year, but now that I’m used to the campus, I’m thinking about joining the math club,” Sean Jung […]

Summer school enrollment up by 10-15 percent

The number of enrollments in the summer program increased this year by 10 to 15 percent, with 1,071 students signed up by mid-June and a few hundred more students expected to sign up by August. About half of the students are from Harvard-Westlake and half are from other schools. So far, there have been 1,435 […]

Artist creates giant bear for class

Grizzly bears can grow up to nearly 10 feet tall and five feet wide, and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Darby Caso’s ’14 bear is nearly as big, but weighs almost nothing and is made out of plastic. The bear, when it lies on its side, spans about nine feet in length and four […]

90-minute exams before winter break to replace midterms

Mid-year assessments will replace midterms next year and will be held in December the week before winter break. There will be two 90-minute exams each day. “This decision was trying to be sensitive to the fact that students are feeling pressured with regard to their time and part of this was caused by being heavily […]