UCLA professor explains uses of graphene

UCLA professor Richard Kaner told students about the many potential uses of graphene in a presentation Sept. 9 in Ahmanson Lecture Hall. Graphene is a molecule made of a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal pattern. It is a basic building block of other carbon crystals like graphite, which is a stack of […]

New computer science course covers programming for websites

Web Technologies will be offered next year as a directed study for students who want to learn about websites from a Computer Science perspective. Math Department Head Paula Evans, who will teach the class, created the course to broaden the curriculum and support the growing interest in computer science. “Lots of kids come in and […]

Instructors preview summer workshop

Instructors of the Independent Theater Workshop visited drama classes on Dec. 12 to present a preview their new 2013 summer program. The two instructors gave condensed versions of the activities at the summer program. “[The instructors] came to classes, doing short demos of their two week program. It wasn’t just them talking, it was them […]

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