Dancers perform ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Dancers perform ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Advanced Dance II students depicted characters such as Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, Augustus Gloop and Violet Beauregarde during their show “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” inspired by Roald Dahl’s novel, in Rugby Theater March 4-6. The show featured 37 performers, including guest dancers from Advanced Dance I and volunteer male dancers […]

Musicians to perform in Pasadena

Chamber Singers will perform at the upcoming American Choral Directors Association Western Division Conference in Pasadena Feb. 26-27. The conference will include exhibits, concerts and educational clinics at the First United Methodist Church. The association selected the Chamber Singers as one of five high school choirs nationally. The ensemble spent three years recording and rehearsing […]

Author discusses pressure with parents

Psychiatrist and author Michael Thompson spoke to parents about his book “The Pressured Child” in Saperstein Theatre Nov. 10. Thompson discussed the process of students going through grade school and ultimately reaching college admissions. His speech also featured examples and stories about parents pressuring their children to excel in school and to get into elite […]

Lawyer speaks to journalism class

Attorney and Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center Frank Lomonte visited a sophomore journalism class Sept. 30 to advocate for student press rights and to spread awareness for issues regarding First Amendment rights. “It was really such a surprise, and it’s really prestigious that the national spokesperson for student press rights in the […]