Our fifth quarter culture

There are 36 days until summer, according to one of my classmates. Though he has announced the latest count after each eighth period math class since October, the end of the school year is now almost tangible. However, before reaching the much-anticipated vacation, students must endure arguably the busiest period of the entire year. With […]

Locals oppose new plans to expand Burbank airport

As part of their ongoing protest regarding recently increased air traffic, Los Angeles residents submitted comprehensive comments to the Federal Aviation Administration opposing its plans to expand the Bob Hope “Hollywood Burbank” Airport terminal March 1.  More than 1,600 residents have also signed an online petition created by Studio City for Quiet Skies, an organization […]

Students protest to raise awareness for environmental problems

In order to demand action regarding climate change, students skipped class to participate in an international, youth-led strike at Los Angeles City Hall on March 15. In the past four years, global temperatures have reached unprecedented highs, according to CNN. Across the world, extreme weather conditions such as floods, wildfires and droughts occur with increasing […]

School subpoenaed amid college cheating scandal

Amid the college admissions cheating scandal, the school received subpoenas to provide prosecutors with records of two alumni March 14, Head of Communications Ari Engelberg ’89 said. The scandal broke March 12, when U.S. Federal Prosecutors from the District of Massachusetts indicted more than 50 people for participating in a scheme to gain admission for […]

Speaker discusses methods to address microaggressions

Speaker discusses methods to address microaggressions

In an effort to spark conversation about the impact of microaggressions, educator and diversity speaker Rosetta Lee spoke in an all-school assembly March 8. In addition to debunking myths regarding microaggressions, Lee provided different tools for students to utilize when confronting these situations. Microaggression, or “accumulated impact,” is a term used for common phrases or […]

Storm systems cause heavy rains, snow

Drenched from the pounding rain, Daniel Arriaza ’19 stood on the corner of Halkirk and Coldwater Canyon, staring in disbelief at the flood of water rushing down the street before him. With only five minutes until the start of first period and seemingly no alternative solution, Arriaza rolled his pants up to his knees, removed […]

School to implement new gender policies

Following over a year of research on how students are gendered within the school, an ad-hoc committee, including middle and upper school deans, teachers and faculty, created a list of 16 to 18 recommendations in an effort to provide more inclusive opportunities on campus. The committee presented their suggestions to school administrators and departments heads, […]

Appreciating our education

Appreciating our education

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with student volunteers from other schools at an event on campus. While stuffing gift bags in the lounge, one of the volunteers glanced at the deans’ offices. “My school doesn’t look like this,” she murmured. As we made our way upstairs to open the math classrooms, […]