Aperture Photo Project on display in the gallery

Upper and middle school students and Esteban Torres High School students came together over the past year to create works of documentary photography, which are now on display in the Feldman Horn Gallery. Photography teacher Joe Medina worked with photojournalist and educator Alice Proujansky and Estaban Torres High School Media Arts Teacher Adriana Yugovich to […]

HW Venture begins year with rally

Students from both campuses participated in the HW Venture kick-off rally event, where they listened to speeches from keynote speakers and Venture students Sept. 27. To begin the event, alumni Sameer Gupta ’99 offered advice to students about how to utilize HW Venture and the school community. “The important thing is that we acknowledge how […]

Resident oppose FAA

In opposition to the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposal to officially change flight paths from the Burbank and Van Nuys airports, over 2,100 residents have signed a petition created by Studio City for Quiet Skies. The procedures were initially scheduled to publish Nov. 8, but are now delayed to Jan. 3. Studio City for Quiet Skies […]

Eugean Choi ’21 travels to Bolivia for fellowship

After researching South American culture and healing practices, Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Eugean Choi ’21 traveled to Bolivia to meet the healer Kallawaya, the witch doctors of Charazani, Bolivia. As part of the fellowship, Choi interviewed a fortune teller Kallawaya in La Paz but said that she was unable to find the witch doctors […]

Lucy Kim ’19 studies political uprisings in South Korea

In an effort to discover South Korea’s history and learn more about the culture that her family grew up in, Lucy Kim ’19 traveledmet Na Kyung Taek, a famous photographer who risked his life to take photos of the Gwangju Uprising, and interviewed Spokesperson Kim Hyun, who was a major figure for the Democratic Party […]

Zane Grenoble ’19 retraces path of Spanish Reconquista

Combining his interests in world history, poetry, the Spanish language and cycling, Zane Grenoble ’19 traveled to southern Spain to retrace the path of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s victories over the moors during the Reconquista. Grenoble, traveling alone, cycled roughly 200 miles from Albarracín and to Albufera over nine days following Vivar’s conquest. Vivar, also […]

Samantha Ko ’19 studies traditional painting in Korea

Chronicle Art Director Samantha Ko ’19, the recipient of the HWGo! Asia Initiative fellowship, spent the first three weeks of her summer studying how to paint in the Korean traditional style and learned about South Korean culture in Bundang, a city in South Korea. “I wanted to learn how that type of painting differed from […]

Prova-iding the best: Seniors launch company

Prova-iding the best: Seniors launch company

After nearly two years of preparation, Jonathan Damico ’19 and Cameron Schiller ’19 launched Prova Design Backpacks, a start-up company that manufactures redesigned versions of the traditional school bag. “We’re really happy with the success of our Kickstarter,” Schiller said. “It’s insane. Within the first day we raised $26,000, which is mind-boggling for us. Our […]

Sophomore teaches robotics in Ethiopian middle school

Sophomore teaches robotics in Ethiopian middle school

Over the course of the five-day camp he created, Futterman used LEGO Mindstorms EV3 technology to introduce the basics of designing, programming and operating simple robots. Futterman said he was inspired to share his knowledge, experience and passion for robotics after hearing from Ethiopia Health Aid that students in Gode Village were eager to learn. […]