Going on a trip in our favorite chariot: JCL attends convention

Going on a trip in our favorite chariot: JCL attends convention

Upper and middle school members of the Junior Classical League attended the California JCL convention at Menlo High School over the weekend. At the convention, students participated in academic, athletic, and competitive events related to the classics. The convention also included elections for student state JCL government offices. This year, Vice Presidents Ben Beckman ’19 […]

Food truck fanatics: waffle truck visits

Waffles de Liege food truck sold their traditional waffles on campus March 15 for this month’s Food Truck Friday. Toppings included vanilla ice cream, chocolate or caramel sauce and whipped cream. Prefect Council initially intended to hold Food Truck Friday on the third Friday of March instead of the last, due to Spring Break. The […]

Sophomores, juniors elect next year’s Head Prefects

Sophomores, juniors elect next year’s Head Prefects

Ryan Stanford ’19 and Kevin Chen ’19 will serve as Head Prefects for the 2018-2019 school year. Results were announced after school on Thursday in an email. Although one male and one female were still chosen to be Head Prefect, following standard protocol, students were able to vote for any two candidates regardless of gender, […]

Environmental Club encourages students to “stop sucking”

The Environmental Club promoted the national “Stop Sucking” campaign to eliminate plastic straws by providing paper alternatives and presenting a visual display on Thursday. “Caring for the environment is protecting the earth that we live in and rely on for literally everything,” Environmental Club member Anja Clark ’19 said. “I hope that from this campaign, […]

Lighting the way: Alumnus returns to stage lighting for winter play

Professional lighting designer and cinematographer Will Adashek ’01 returned to help stage the lighting for the winter play “Our Town,” working in collaboration with set designer Jim Fenhagen and performing arts teacher and director Ted Walch. Adashek, Fenhagen and Walch decided to design “Our Town” together after reuniting at Kenyon College last year. Adashek said […]

Student-Alumni Association hosts Thankathon

The Student Alumni Association hosted a Thankathon to express their appreciation for alumni Jan. 29. Students wrote short postcards to alumni donors and volunteers at the event. “We hope that students will get an idea of just how many alumni help our school and have chosen to give back to HW,” Assistant Director of Alumni […]

Prefect Council hosts first ever Food Truck Friday

Students bought food from Slammin’ Sliders Food Truck on Jan. 26 for the first Food Truck Friday, a new monthly event created by Prefect Council. Prefects Ryan Stanford ’19 and Jaya Nayar ’20 headed the project. The goal of Food Truck Fridays is to vary the type of food brought to campus. Though vendors have […]

HW venture hosts meet-up to discuss latest project

HW Venture held a Vortex Meet-up Jan. 8 at break to allow students to present their latest businesses and hear feedback, as well as inform participants about other students’ businesses, personal projects, apps and other innovations at Harvard-Westlake. Presenting students included HW Venture Senior Communications Lead Nick Settelmayer ’18, who shared his clothing brand “Natural […]

Student Task Force gathers signatures to help DREAMers

Student Task Force gathers signatures to help DREAMers

The Human Rights Watch Student Task Force collected over 100 signatures asking members of Congress to create a clean Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals bill on Monday. Prior to asking students to sign petitions, the Student Task Force joined with students on the quad in a “humanity circle,” holding posters that highlighted facts about the […]