Would you be able to kill a man?

Would you kill a stranger? For most of us, we respond to this vehemently refusing. Of course no rational person would elect to kill someone; that’s wrong. Our initial reaction is a strong one, because we’ve been conditioned to expect one right answer and one wrong answer. But let me explain the rest of the […]

It’s not nuts to be cautious: Being allergic in a nutshell

Anyone who has shared a meal with me knows I carry an Epi-Pen at all times and many can even recite my speech: “I’m allergic to all nuts, seeds and coconuts.” They all know I triple check to make sure nothing accidentally gets into my food. I take my allergies seriously, and they require a […]

Howard to become new dean

English teacher Adam Howard ’93 will join the dean team next year, replacing Jim Patterson, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts announced in an email to faculty and staff Monday morning. Next year, Howard will take over counseling duties for Patterson’s rising juniors, as well as counsel sophomores. Patterson’s current juniors will still be counseled by […]

Choral concert ends early due to illness

Choir students unanimously voted to end the annual spring choral concert early March 15 after a senior fainted on stage during the performance. Jazz Singers, Wolverine Chorus, Chamber Singers and Bel Canto were all scheduled to perform. After the student fainted during the Chamber Singers’ performance, the decision of ending the show was left to […]

Middle School requires seventh graders to sign Anti-Bullying Pledge

As a result of an internal audit focusing on bullying last year, middle school students were introduced to an anti-bullying pledge, and deans attended a meeting on “Myth-Busting Research on Adolescent Bullying.” Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said these initiatives came in response to growing public attention to cyber-bullying in the media, but she does […]

A new take on a long-standing rite of passage

My Bat Mitzvah was a really big deal to me; I’d attended Hebrew school twice a week since first grade, I’d learned the bare minimum of a new language and had studied for months before the big day. The day of my Bat Mitzvah was much like I anticipated — I was excited and relieved. […]

Prefect Council hosts Winterfest, Coffee House

Students dressed up in onesies and decorated cookies in the lounge today as part of the annual Winterfest celebration, hosted by Social Committee and Prefect Council. “Mean Girls” was also screened in the lounge throughout the day. Each day has a different theme and movie playing in the lounge. “I [was] particularly excited for Onesie […]

Dear Los Angeles Times Writer James Rainey

We met a few weeks ago when you pulled me aside after my second period AP Physics B class to ask some questions about my experience at Harvard-Westlake. Aside from the lack of a range of student voices, your story in the Los Angeles Times portrayed our school as a place of “privilege and pressure.” […]

Midterms no longer mandatory for freshmen

The ninth grade class will no longer take midterm exams, effective this year. In the past, ninth graders were separated from the rest of the middle school student body in mid-January to take semester exams in their core academic classes. Seventh and eighth grade students do not take midterm exams while all upper school students […]

A few of my secrets

We all have secrets.  Some secrets are the result of things we keep private from others for fear that we might be judged harshly.  Some secrets just happen, not because of anything we do or say, but just because life moves fast and people don’t have the time or interest to learn these secrets. My […]

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