Athletic department begins new video analysis program

Team-based sports programs will begin using a new video analysis program called Asisst in the coming year. Assist is a system from a video analysis company, Hudl that has worked with the school in the past. The school began using Hudl’s technology in 2009 as a football only program but usage has steadily grown to […]

Queen sweep: student wins chess competition

Tiber Seireeni ’18 won the Harvard-Westlake Chess Championship. The championship ended with a match between Ethan Tam ’19 and Seireeni. Rounds were played between May 1 and May 22, and both finalists will be added to a trophy in Chalmers. “My favorite part [about playing chess] is being able to just play the game with […]

Debaters participate in Kentucky tournament

Eight debate students participated in the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky. Evan Engel ’17 and Spencer Paul ’19 both reached octafinals, the round of 16, and Connor Engel ’17 made it to the round of 32. Connor Engel also won the eight speaker award out of 86 participants in the event. The annual event […]

Never forget: honoring the past and ancestors

Allison Gorokhovsky ’17 held the Holocaust remembrance event Od Avinu Chai, translated to “our forefathers live on” April 23 at the Westside Jewish Community Center. The event commemorates Holocaust remembrance day April 24. The event was divided into three segments. The “past” segment focused on two Holocaust survivors who told their stories to the group, […]

L’chaim to layups: JSU hosts tournament

The school’s chapter of the Jewish Student Union will hold its second annual charity basketball tournament in Hamilton Gym on Feb. 18. The event aims to raise money toward scholarships for local students to travel to Israel. It is hosted on behalf of the national Jewish Student Union and the National Council of Synagogue Youth, […]

Jewish Student Union holds Hanukkah events

The Jewish Student Union built menorahs and served donuts during Winterfest in the lounge. “The Prefect Council wanted to have some Jewish element involved so they reached out to JSU and we were obviously really delighted to do so,” Allison Gorokhovsky ’17 said. Gorokhovsky said that students built 40 or 50 menorahs. Participants took the […]

Psychology students to display masks

Psychology students to display masks

Students enrolled in the Psychology course designed masks as part of their final project, which prompted them to consider how they are perceived by others and how they think of themselves. “The purpose of the mask project is for students to explore how what they outwardly show to others can be significantly different from how […]

Filmmakers dive into MOCA

Filmmakers dive into MOCA

Students of the Video Art I, II and III classes visited The Geffen Contemporary building at The Museum of Contemporary Art to visit artist Doug Aitken’s “Electric Earth” exhibit Jan. 6. The exhibit showcased multiple forms of art such as video art, photography and sculpture. The focus of the pieces was centered around nature’s relationship […]

Fanatics announce all-school scavenger hunt

The Fanatics announced a campus-wide scavenger hunt for golf balls for various prizes to honor the school’s 25th anniversary during assembly on Sept. 7. To redeem their prizes, students can return golf balls to Assistant Director of Communications Shauna Altieri. The Fanatics told students about the history behind the golf ball scavenger hunt. “You probably […]