In the Nudes: Why do students sext?

In the Nudes: Why do students sext?

As Erica* prepared to press send, a wave of anxiety set in. This wasn’t a controversial text, or a passive-agressive Instagram comment, but rather a picture of her naked body. She said she had never sent anything of the sort before but knew after a conversation with the receiver that they both felt comfortable experimenting. […]

End of an era: FJ to retire

End of an era: FJ to retire

After 21 years of working at the school, Chaplain J. Young will retire to travel and assume the position of Chaplain for the Los Angeles FBI. Young has always worked as a chaplain, but he also assisted with the Honor Board, Community Council and Prefect Council during his time at the school. Young has been […]

Introverted, not incapable

With 30 students crowded into an English classroom, I felt like everyone was looking over my shoulder. In each of our dean meetings, we were completing a personality test, trying to identify our traits and how we are seen in the world. As I filled out questions there was a common thread between all of […]

Gregory to step down

After 46 years at the school, Director of Admission Elizabeth Gregory Riordan will be stepping down from her position to focus more time on public education and her new marriage to Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan. “I just felt that it was time for me to spend a little more time with my husband,” Gregory […]

City holds parking hearing

The Parking, Safety and Athletic Improvement Project is waiting for the City Planning Commission’s approval to move forward after the Aug. 8 hearing, where attendees were able to voice their concerns. The hearing addressed traffic, safety, the environment and the community, giving both Save Coldwater Canyon supporters and those in favor of the project an […]

Alum advances in congressional primary to face fellow Democrat

With a national government debating a Republican healthcare proposal and broad tax cuts, Robert Lee Ahn ’94 is seeking to become the newest member of the House of Representatives, representing California’s 34th district. Ahn, a lawyer, former LA city planning commissioner and Democrat, will face State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez in the special election June 6 […]

Pornstream: Is Porn Okay?

Pornstream: Is Porn Okay?

Tim’s ’18* mom walks into his room as was displayed on his computer screen. He quickly shuts it as his face begins to feel hot and turns bright red with embarrassment. He nervously disregards the pornographic video as a random pop-up. While his mom’s face erupts in anger, Tim is confused as he had […]

Public hearings will address concerns about parking structure

President Rick Commons announced in an email that there will be four to five public hearings for members of the community to discuss the parking structure project later this spring. Commons said that concerns about safety, parking and the environment will be addressed in the hearings and hopes that supporters of the project will come […]

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