There are places I remember

I have come to associate landmarks and sites in my life with memories, and having spent three years on the Studio City campus of Harvard-Westlake, I have become particularly fond of a few spots on campus. Some of these spots are well known to the student body as places of leisure, but others are a […]

First online character education course to launch this summer

The preliminary trial run for Harvard-Westlake’s first ever online course will begin this week. The course called Optimal Living 101, which will cover character education, is scheduled to launch this summer, Assistant to the Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said. At this point, only one or two Choices and Challenges teachers will be alpha-testing […]

Senior to intern, code for Yahoo!

Working well past midnight on a weeknight, Austin Chan ’13, typed a long series of symbols and letters into his Mac laptop. His heart was beating fast with the Red Bull pumping through his body, but the website he had been building tirelessly for months was inching toward completion. Within a few days, the newly […]

New president meets students, promises changes

Rick Commons, the next president of Harvard-Westlake, visited campus on Monday, and though he was glad to see that the school hadn’t changed much since he left 15 years ago, he said that it, like all schools, needs to innovate in order to thrive. Commons, who is currently the Headmaster of Groton School in Massachusetts, […]

In a trance

Amateur hypnotist David Goldberg ’15 needs no gimmicks. No watch dangling from a gold chain swaying slowly from side to side. No snapping of fingers. All he needs is a quiet room and a willing subject. Goldberg has been hypnotizing classmates since early February, teaching himself online and experimenting with his own methods along the […]

Chinese instructors observe AP curriculum

Teachers from The High School Affiliated to Fudan University and The Beijing Number 12 High School visited Harvard-Westlake to observe various departments’ AP curricula and teaching styles. The visitors sat in on classes and met with faculty and department chairs to learn about ways to teach AP courses, Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas said. […]

Lacrosse players to participate in study

Lacrosse players will have the opportunity to take part in a lifelong study beginning this spring season to test the long-term effects of concussions. The Institute for Scholastic Sports Science and Medicine at Harvard-Westlake is participating in a national study that tracks the neurological effects of head injuries on athletes throughout and beyond their middle […]

Honor Board applies new review procedure

The Honor Board has reviewed three cases of Honor Code infractions this year in accordance with the new format of joint deliberation between the Prefect Council and members of the administration. Under the new format, the cases were first examined by the Honor Board, which decided preliminarily on appropriate disciplinary action. After this, Head of […]

Kutler Center to add 3 courses

The Brendan Kutler Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research will offer three new classes next year, department chair Larry Klein said. “Unconventional Leadership,” a course that will be taught by Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church and Dean Pete Silberman, will focus on the development of leadership skills through simulations and guest speakers as […]

Under the Radar

For many years, colleges and universities have factored grades, teacher recommendations, test scores and essays into their admission decisions. However, according to a 2012 poll by Kaplan Test Prep of 350 admissions officers, some colleges even view prospective students’ Facebook profiles and other social media outlets in the admissions process. Of the 350 admissions officers […]