A goodbye from CFO Rob Levin

It’s been an honor serving as Harvard-Westlake’s CFO. I’m grateful that Harvard School took a chance on a twenty-five-year-old B-school grad with zero experience in 1985. In the decades since, events — from merger to earthquake to US construction to MS construction to financial earthquake to mission re-imagination — have afforded the opportunity to impact […]

Create a more supportive school environment

The closure of the Seaver bathroom is definitely a hot-button topic on campus right now. It stirred conversations concerning the classification of graffiti and vandalism. Personally, we believe that the situation was handled poorly — yes, it did create extra work for maintenance, but why did it need to be cleaned up in the first […]

Take time to remember

Rush to class. Rush through notes. Rush out. Rush to practice, then rush home for work, then rush to bed. Repeat. It seems like all we ever do at Harvard-Westlake is rush through our day. Students run from one class to the next, clutching books between tight fingers and throwing a quick “thank you” over […]

The pressures of being a college-bound senior

Do you know where you want to go?” Every high school senior knows that this question means one thing and one thing only. We’ve heard it more times than you can imagine. It’s common dinner party etiquette from those random friends of your parents whose first names you can never quite remember. Your own parents […]

Dear Mr. President,

As we acknowledged in August, many of our suggestions did not fall under your direct jurisdiction, especially since you decided to step back from the action your first year (which we agree was the best move for a brand-new president). Still, that doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy; it only makes sense to follow up. […]

Why does Harvard-Westlake hate humanities?

The imbalance between the varied list of math and science classes and meager amount of English or language courses is disappointing, to say the least. As I thumb through my curriculum guide, STEM courses take up a staggering 21 pages. And while there are many humanities courses offered as electives, the core English curriculum list […]

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