Changing it up: Dress code to address gender identity

Administrators drafted an altered wording of the school’s Dress Code, which acknowledges gender identity and issues with its enforcement, as a result of complaints from both upper and middle school students. The revised Dress Code was sent to affinity groups via email May 23 and will be printed in the 2017-18 Student Handbook. Conversations about […]

Nick Melvoin ’04 elected to LAUSD Board

Alum and former Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Nick Melvoin ’04 emerged victorious in L.A. Unified School District Board elections May 16. After garnering enough votes in the March primary election to advance to a runoff with incumbent Board President Steve Zimmer, Melvoin pulled 57 percent of the vote. Melvoin’s intern Shelby Weiss ’16 said Melvoin’s team spent the […]

Conservative students request a speaker to better represent their political interests

Saying she feels overwhelmed and judged in a community that is predominantly liberal, a sophomore girl, who identifies as conservative, is attempting to bring a conservative guest speaker to the school. The student, who wished to remain anonymous because she was uncomfortable publicizing her political views, said hosting a conservative speaker would be a logical […]

Cairns to retire after 32 years

Upper School Dean Vanna Cairns announced her retirement to her students today via email. Cairns has worked at the school for 32 years, serving initially as a French teacher and eventually as both a Dean and a Choices and Challenges teacher. “I have been so very proud to represent the school every single day,” Cairns said in […]

Nick Melvoin ’04 to compete in LAUSD runoff

Alum and District Four L.A. Unified School District board candidate Nick Melvoin ’04 will compete in a runoff with incumbent District 4 School Board President Steve Zimmer after a second place finish in municipal elections Tuesday. Melvoin, who campaigned promising to modernize the district and improve fiscal transparency, garnered 31 percent of the vote, beating opponents […]

Alum challenges school board president

Alum challenges school board president

Alum and District Four L.A. Unified School District board candidate Nick Melvoin ’04 aims to lead the charge in implementing necessary change to modernize the LAUSD. Melvoin is in the final month of his campaign process, with elections set for March 7. Melvoin is challenging LAUSD school board President Steve Zimmer. Melvoin credits his interest […]

Bakari Sellers urges students to ‘journey to excellence’

Bakari Sellers urges students to ‘journey to excellence’

CNN political commentator and former South Carolina Representative Bakari Sellers urged students to reflect on the progress made toward achieving racial equality and how to best continue that progress at an all-school assembly today.   Sellers was invited by the Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club in honor of Black History Month. BLACC co-leader Phaedra […]

Faculty attends professional growth day

Faculty from both the middle and upper school campuses attended Understanding by Design’s daylong workshop Nov. 11 to learn about the most effective way to plan a lesson. Understanding by Design is an organization that focuses on creating a standardized curriculum constructor model that improves communication between teachers when planning lessons. “I’ve known about the […]

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