Workload committee finishes analyzing data, begins proposal process at meeting

The workload study committee finished analyzing the data from the workload study and began formulating proposals at its meeting March 13. The proposals will draw from the over 60-page report on the findings from the study and outlining recommendations for the administration to pursue, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. The committee, led by upper […]

President sets date for mission statement

President Rick Commons has set an end-of-year target to release the new mission statement he has been working on since December. He plans to meet with alumni on April 9 and hold an official meeting with the upper school faculty in the near future, although upper school faculty has discussed the mission statement in previous […]

2 students to receive Iberian, Latin-American Studies Fellowship for summer immersion

Two students will be awarded the new Iberian and Latin-American Studies Fellowship this spring for summer studies in the Spanish-speaking world, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts announced in an email to students Monday. Similar to the Gunter Gross Asia Initiative, the Iberian and Latin American Studies Fellowship encourages students to “focus and extend what we […]

Fellowship to send two teachers to India

Two members of the faculty can apply to travel together to India through the India Exploration and Immersion Faculty Fellowship sponsored by the Harvard-Westlake Cultural Heritage and Arts of India Club and the Gunter-Gross Asia initiative. Two faculty members must jointly design a program to “result in expanded global interest, awareness and understanding through exploration […]

Separate Prefect Council and the Honor Board

I’ve been waiting since August to write this column. I’ve been waiting for the right time, looking for the right news peg to naturally spark what I’ve always had swirling around in my head. I haven’t found it, and, frankly, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need it. It’s time for me to make […]