Passionate procrastination

Procrastination has been a defining feature of my time in high school. I could blame all of those times during junior year when I collapsed into bed at 3 a.m., finally having printed my lab on an overwhelming workload and time-consuming extracurricular activities. I, however, would be denying that time spent on YouTube could have […]

Asking tough questions

He saw me looking at the ice cream flavors and said to me at first in Hebrew and then in heavily accented English, “The best dairy comes from Israel. The ice cream, the milk… this is the land of milk and honey.” He asked me if I had ever been to Israel before and when […]

Asking tough questions

When my moms and I landed in Tel Aviv last year over winter break I met an old man in traditional Orthodox Jewish garb in line at the airport cafe. He saw me looking at the ice cream flavors and said to me at first in Hebrew and then in heavily accented English, “The best […]

Seniors finalize college decisions

Ben Gaylord, The Athlete Although Princeton University doesn’t have a pre-med concentration, Ben Gaylord ’13 plans to take all of the classes necessary to qualify for medical school in the next four years. He also wants to get a certificate in classics to keep studying Ancient Greek and Latin and possibly a certificate in history […]

En Pointe

By Rachel Schwartz After two hours of rehearsing the wedding pas de deux variation from “Sleeping Beauty” and a solo from “Diana and Acteon,” Kaitlyn Yiu ’13 munches on a handful of almonds before getting up to stand in first position for the start of technique class. She still has two-and-a-half hours in her pointe […]

‘Conscientious teacher’ Shield to leave after 24 years

After her 24th year of teaching French at Harvard-Westlake, Marilyn Shield will retire to participate in her Unitarian Universalist Church choir and spend more time with her husband and their dog Sammi. “I thought it was time to turn over a new leaf in life,” Shield said. She said she will miss her daily routine […]

Girls gone greek

Though Ryan Lash ’12 was not surprised to find herself pledging all in white as prescribed by the bid card inviting her to join Kappa Alpha Theta, she found herself unsure about the sisterhood she was about to join. “At first I wasn’t so sure about it, but once I started to make friends and […]

Sex educator advises parents

At a conversation open to parents of middle and upper school students, sexuality educator Deborah Roffman told parents not to be surprised by anything their children ask. In Rugby Auditorium, around 50 parents heard Roffman present what she called her not-so-secret agenda “My dream is that one day in the United States of America it […]

Seniors anticipate final decisions

Phillip* The Athlete Phillip is finally done with the college process, as long as he doesn’t suddenly drop to an F average or commit a felony, he said. Last Saturday, he received what is colloquially referred to as a “likely letter” from Princeton University, guaranteeing his admission as long as he maintains “the excellent academic […]

Teachers use formulas, scales to adjust AP course grades

Grading midterms, teachers must not only work through piles of blue books and scantrons, but also determine how to adjust students’ raw scores. Some departments use scales, some use formulas, some use point addition, but across the board teachers want adjustments to benefit students and create what they consider an appropriate average score. Bo Lee […]