Missing an Actual Community

In the last 1st and 3rd assembly, we all watched a video recap of the school year. This video was virtually all clips of various goals, touchdowns and other sports-related celebrations. Following this video was another clip titled “Mean Tweets #1” where teachers read mean tweets about themselves and their reactions were filmed. It was […]

What we learned during March of the Living

If you didn’t notice, during the two weeks after spring break, 24 seniors were absent from school. We were part of that group, the group that embarked on the two-week journey to Poland and Israel called March of the Living. We Harvard-Westlake kids were in the minority of the Los Angeles delegation, which had over […]

Students to select courses for next school year online

Green signup sheets for next year’s courses are a thing of the past, as students will be able to choose next year’s courses online. The change will save time and reduce human error, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo said. The program, which students will use in March through the Harvard-Westlake website, was programmed and coordinated […]

Mathematics class changes course name

The Topics in Calculus and Statistics math class has changed its name to Calculus and Statistics. The new name was deemed simpler and more streamlined. Upper School Mathematics Department Head Paula Evans shortened the name after meeting with mathematics department heads from other schools. She noticed that math class names in other schools were shorter […]

'Funny or Die' looks familiar

It all started with a promise. “Vote for me, and I’ll convince the school to sell candy and junk food in the cafeteria,” a candidate for student body president says in the “Funny or Die” video “Snackpocalypse.” He wins in a landslide, obviously. Fast forward a few weeks. All of the bright students have been […]

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