Welcoming the (Lunar) New Year

Welcoming the (Lunar) New Year

Like millions of others across the country, Anna Gong ’18 and her family had the television on for hours last weekend, but Chinese opera performers, lion dancers and dragon dancers in colorful costumes filled the screen instead of men in football gear and sports commentators. Every year, festivities in China are broadcast on the eve […]

James Hansen ’16: the Facebook movie critic

James Hansen ’16: the Facebook movie critic

In a restaurant bathroom across the street from the AMC in Lincoln Square, where he had just seen “Divergent,” James Hansen ’16 wrote his first movie review. It was a short paragraph. He commented on the lead actors, briefly mentioned the visuals, praised the story and criticized the writing. At the end he put down […]

High Stakes: Meet the Players

High Stakes: Meet the Players

The ability to problem-solve effectively is very important to Austin* ’16, which is why he discussed current events every week with the Society of Global Affairs and did Ethics Bowl last year. “I like to think that everything I do is related to problem solving because I think that’s what you do in a career,” […]

Guerrero plans inter-choir collaboration

The middle school and upper school choirs will take part in several bonding activities this year in order to create a better sense of a choir community on both campuses. Performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero said he wanted students at the Middle School to see where being a part of the choir program could take […]

Auditions begin for ‘West Side Story’ production

Auditions began Monday for the upper school theater department’s 2015 fall musical “West Side Story”. The musical is about gang warfare, but it is based on William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and was written by Stephen Sondheim. Singing auditions are slated for today, acting auditions are scheduled for tomorrow, and dance auditions are set for […]

The Big Reveal

The All-Around: Bryce Terman ’15, Tufts University Bryce Terman ’15 heard back from a few colleges before being accepted into Tufts University, where he applied Early Decision II. Terman said that Tufts University had always been one of his top schools, but it was not until the time around the due date for regular applications […]

Science grant to replace old probes

The science department will use a $11,219 grant to replace the calculator-based laboratory units and probes used in Chemistry Honors classes for collecting temperature and pH values. The grant is from a capital fund that helps meet departmental needs. “The CBL units are about 15 years old,” Upper School Science Department Head Larry Axelrod said. […]

Outreach Performers give holiday performances

The Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers club sang classic holiday songs and recited poetry to children and senior citizens in two performances Dec. 13. The group presented the poem “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton, which became the basis for the 1993 film, to the children at the Ronald McDonald House. They performed “A Child’s Christmas […]

Race to College

During a September dean meeting to discuss college prospects, Melody* ’15 was told that college admissions officers would hold her grades and test scores to a higher standard because she is Asian. “So right from the start, because I’m Asian, college admissions officers would look at me in a different way, which I thought was […]

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