Whooping cough outbreak reaches 21

Twenty-one students across both campuses now have Pertussis, or whooping cough, according to an email that Community Health Officer Milo Sini sent Wednesday to parents of students in classes with those diagnosed. Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease that spreads through coughing and sneezing, according to County of Los Angeles Public Health. Symptoms […]

A case for more classroom collaboration

Every day I sit down at my desk in classes full of leaders and intellectuals, each having accomplished notable academic achievements. By the time we reach senior year, we’ve become masters of memorization, writing and analysis. That is, of course, the benefit of a Harvard-Westlake education. Upon graduation, we will all be prepared for the […]

Middle schoolers face discipline for selling, using vape devices on campus

Middle school students faced disciplinary consequences for buying and selling vaping devices and cartridges on campus, as well as vaping on campus, President Rick Commons announced in an email to parents Monday. “As last week made clear, Harvard-Westlake students—both middle and upper schoolers—are by no means immune to the problems of use and potential addiction […]

School uncovers middle school students vaping, may take disciplinary action

Middle school students will likely face disciplinary measures after a number of students were found using vape devices, President Rick Commons said. Commons said he does not have an estimated number of students involved in the incident. “It’s not widespread, but it’s more than two or three,” Commons said. Commons also said he could not […]

Survey reveals students’ experiences

Results from a survey examining student stress and sleep levels, parental expectations and cheating occurrences, taken by students of all grades last spring, showed a correlation between parent expectations and student stress, as well as an increase in the enjoyment of the overall experience of female students since 2013. The survey was administered by Challenge […]

The Hate They Give

The Hate They Give

Harsh red swastikas covered the walls of an unassuming Columbia professor’s office Nov. 28. Scrawled in spray-paint, the word “Yid” was plastered above her computer screen. NYPD is investigating the incident as a hate crime. Sophie Levy ’18, a Jewish freshman at Barnard College of Columbia University, looked at the image of anti-Semitism on her […]

Voting patterns shift in election, ‘blue ripple’ to affect future policy

In a “blue ripple,” the Democrats took the House of Representatives and many contentious governor races in the midterm elections Nov. 6. Following a two-year period of a Republican-dominated legislature and presidency, this change represents shifts in voting patterns since the 2016 election and is expected to impact policy direction. Through their victory in the […]

School to remain open despite wildfires

President Rick Commons announced in an email to students and parents that school will remain open tomorrow despite local wildfires. The Woolsey Fire is burning through 83,752 acres of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties  and is currently 10 percent contained, and the Hill Fire is now 4,531 acres and 70 percent contained, according to Cal […]

Wildfires prompt evacuations

As wildfires rage through Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, students are under mandatory evacuation orders. People who live south of the 101 on the Ventura Canyon line to Malibu Canyon evacuated due to the Woolsey Fire, which expanded to 8,000 acres after jumping the south side of the 101 freeway near Calabasas this morning and […]