Students discuss presidential race, participate in mock election

To promote interest among the student body for the upcoming presidential election, Kutler Center courses each dedicated a class period to discussing the election the week of Oct. 30. “With this election project we wanted to stimulate awareness and excitement for the election in two weeks time,” Middle Eastern Studies teacher Dror Yaron said. “We […]

Chemistry class sets off fire alarm

A sophomore in Chemistry prompted a fire alarm seventh period due to a mistake in a lab. In an experiment testing the melting points of various chemicals, the student left chemicals on a Bunsen burner for too long, causing a large flame. The alarm lasted for a few minutes, and students gathered on the Ted Slavin […]

Administration closes lounge due to students’ mess

The administration closed the lounge Monday afternoon as a repercussion for messes left by students. Members of Prefect Council warned students about the consequences for not maintaining a clean lounge by senior prefect at the First and Third Wednesday Assembly on Oct. 5. When the lounge was first found in a messy state, the administration threatened […]

Alumna speaks on women in the work force

Alumna speaks on women in the work force

Senior Vice President of Global Communications Celebrity and VIP at Marc Jacobs Celine Khavarani ’95 spoke to members of La Femme about her experience as a woman in the work force. In past years, Khavarani has come back to campus to talk to students about her progress in the fashion industry, but today was the […]

Admission Office adjusts tour system

The Admission Office announced changes that have been made to the Student Ambassador Program and a design contest for a new logo at the annual Student Ambassador Training Dinner on the middle school campus Sept. 16. Associate Director of Admissions Janine Jones informed attendees that middle school student ambassadors will be able to sign up […]

Resnick enforces dress code

Interim Head of Upper School Liz Resnick reminded parents and students of the dress code’s parameters and the school’s efforts to ensure that it is implemented in reaction to recent dress code violations, she said in an email Tuesday. “[The dress code] is in place to ensure the learning environment is a professional one for our students, staff […]

Ring ceremony ushers in seniors’ last year

Ring ceremony ushers in seniors’ last year

The Class of 2017 joined together Sunday evening to begin their last year as high school students at the annual ring ceremony. By quoting the graduation address from Harvard School for Boys salutatorian and World War II veteran William Taylor Jr. ’43 that he found in the school archives, President Rick Commons reminded seniors of […]

Maude Bond: Dean

Maude Bond: Dean

Maude Bond replaced Rose-Ellen Racanelli as an upper school dean, bringing ten years of experience from both a high school counseling and a college admissions perspective. Previously, Bond was the associate director of college counseling at the United Nations International School in New York and worked as the Director of multicultural recruitment at Columbia University. […]

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