Here Comes the Signs: Protests of the 60s Compared to Now

Here Comes the Signs: Protests of the 60s Compared to Now

When Francine Werner ‘68 thinks back to her years at the then-Westlake School for Girls, she said she recalls the cultural phenomenon of the Beatles and the British Invasion, the counterculture movement and the anti-war protests. “Back then, it was our brothers and boyfriends who were getting killed, so I had to get more politically […]

Sliding into Direct Misconduct: Addressing Social Media Harassment

Sliding into Direct Misconduct: Addressing Social Media Harassment

This piece was updated to include additional sourcing on young women and online harassment.  After posting photos from her new photoshoot, Annabel Zimmer ’20 opened her phone, expecting supportive comments from friends. Instead, she said she was hit with a barrage of unwelcome private messages from strangers and suspicious requests from unknown people. “It’s really […]

Vo joins science department

After running his own Los Angeles-based tutoring company for the last several years, Richard Vo joined the upper school science department as a chemistry teacher. Vo attended the University of Massachusetts, where he majored in chemistry and minored in mathematics. Afterward, he earned his masters in chemistry at the University of Washington. During his graduate […]



Over the summer, a colorful poster splattered with blue, red and yellow, two Asian actors and a bold title grabbed the public’s attention on billboards and movie theatres alike. The movie “Crazy Rich Asians” made a box office splash early August, taking in $34 million in North American theatres during its opening week. As the […]

Kwitny looks forward to pursuing new interests

English teacher Jeffrey Kwitny has decided to retire after 17 years, and plans on using his new free time to write novels and pursue new interests. Kwitny joined the community in 2001, after having taught English at La Salle High School for three years prior. Before his time as a teacher, Kwitny was a filmmaker. […]

Supp? Peer Support chooses coordinators for 2018-2019 school year

Eve Baxter ’19, Allie Sassa ’19, Will Pease ’19 and Bryce Porter ’19 will serve as the Peer Support Coordinators for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. Of the 20 students who applied, the four were chosen to lead the largest club on the Upper School campus.  In addition to choosing coordinators, current leaders will select […]

Sophomores receive research grant

Stephanie Cho ’20, Coco Kaleel ’20 and Jenna Kronenberg ’20 won a research grant from Archer School to create an app to test eye contact with autistic children. The three students, all members of the robotics team, were awarded $1875 dollars to work on any project they wished. They came up with the idea of […]

Student wins music competition

Ben Beckman ’19 won first place in the high school division of the Frost Composition Competition at the University of Miami for his original piece “Three Views” for Piano Quartet. Beckman plays French horn for the upper school symphony, and his compositions have been played by the symphony in previous concerts. A frequent participant of […]

Annual science quiz bowl teams chosen

After weeks of meetings, science teacher Heather Audesirk and Myria Chen ’18 chose teams to represent the school in the National Science Bowl. Science Bowl is a nationwide competition that tests participants on a variety of subjects. Audesirk and Chen said they chose teams they felt were cohesive and capable. Chen will lead David Ahn […]

Steve Yang ’08: Physics

Steve Yang ’08, a former teaching assistant at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will return to his alma mater to join the science department as a Physics teacher this year. After graduating from Harvard-Westlake, Yang went on to earn a Bachelor of Science from USC and a Master of Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in structural engineering. […]