History department hosts visiting committee

The History Department hosted a visiting committee of four working scholars and educators from California and New York Feb. 3 and 4. Respective upper school and middle school department heads Katherine Homes-Chuba and Matthew Cutler, along with former department head John Corsello, hosted a panel made up of Elisa Milkes from Horace Mann School, Carolyn […]

Saxophonist selected to be in Grammy band

Tenor saxophone player Andy Arditi ’14 received the news Dec. 3 that he had been selected to play in the 2014 Grammy Camp Jazz Session, a program created to present opportunity and recognition to talented high school musicians across the country. The program is part of the Grammy in the Schools program, which is associated […]

Crossing country in 40 days by bike

Before the last school year even drew to a close, Jacob Goodman ’15 was already out on almost all of his Saturdays, trying to get in as much physical preparation as possible for his six-week, cross-country biking trip with Overland summer program.Goodman would average 50 miles per day, building upon this number until he finally […]

History teacher studies economics in England, Netherlands

History teacher Celia Goedde was one of 16 teachers chosen out of more than 100 applicants from the United States to study “The Dutch Republic and Britain: The Making of Modern Society and a European World Economy,” a course sponsored by the National Endowment of the Humanities in England and the Netherlands. Goedde grew interested […]

Director Bill Duke presents documentary 'Dark Girls'

Director Bill Duke presented his documentary “Dark Girls” in Ahmanson Lecture Hall Monday, April 29. This was the film’s second showing on campus in six weeks, as Duke could not attend the first screening, which his co-director D. Channsin Berry hosted. Berry and producer Bradinn French first screened the documentary Feb. 9 to students, parents […]

Playwrights Festival features over 130 students in 9 plays

Patric Verrone’s ’13 one-act “Eve” will be professionally produced as part of the Blank Theater’s Young Playwright Festival and Becca Katz’s ’15 one-act “Something Like Magic” won this year’s Leon Fan Memorial Award. More than 130 students participated in this year’s school Playwrights Festival, which took place in Rugby Theater from April 26 through April […]

Kutler Center adds first directed study for research projects

Projects in Interdisciplinary Study and Research will be offered as a directed study through the Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research department next year. The course is “intended to facilitate immersive and extensive exploration of interdisciplinary subject matter, through directed mentoring by a faculty member and peer consultation and critique,” according to the course proposal. The […]

It's not easy eating greens

When Brooke Bagnall ’14 walks into the school cafeteria around midday to buy her lunch, more than a quarter of the options available to other students are off limits for her. Bagnall is one of a sizable group of vegetarian students who abstain from eating meat, while trying to consume their necessary nutrients from the […]

Art classes display portraits in gallery

Large sketches created by the Drawing and Painting I class were taken down from the walls of Rugby Hall on Dec. 12, to be replaced by artwork from the Drawing and Painting II class. Drawing and Painting II students, whose work is now showing, have been studying concepts from the Expressionist and Cubist movements. They […]

Plans aren't set in stone

On July 21 at about 5 a.m. I was ready to go, wearing a tired smile and my favorite fleece jacket, with two heaping suitcases at my feet. My plane was bound for Ann Arbor, Mich., where I would be working at a series of internships in the arts. Although I’m a heavy packer in […]