Time for transparency

Recently deemed the “enemy of the American people,” reporters are facing an increase in scrutiny of their credibility and integrity.  As high school journalists, we feel included in this heightened disdain toward the press. Harry Styles said it best: “Just stop your crying. It’s a sign of the times.” This has been a rough year […]

Adding more to the school profile

Community, excellence and joy — as a student ambassador, I’m told to represent the school and its mission in all of its facets. I am told that the theater is to be shown with the same enthusiasm as the science labs and the athletic field.  A prospective student with a particular interest in debate is […]

The Indu-sputed truth

Pseudo-intellectual whines until Fake News Media gives her socially acceptable way to bully people. — Failing liberal media gives Indu Pandey a satire column to attract viewers. Sad! Panda will pretend to know what she’s talking about as she embraces bougie intellectualism to hypocritically criticize others. “That’s what the world needs, you know? More leftists […]

Let’s get the ball rolling

Let’s get the ball rolling

Two weeks ago, the events in Charlottesville stunned our country. Racism, anti-semitism and white nationalism, ideologies we believed to have — at least partially — subsided, proved remarkably resilient. Although these hateful acts occurred on a campus far from our own, the shock, sadness and fear that developed in Virginia resonated throughout the entire nation. […]

Community of Convocation

Convocation has become a staple of the first day of school, as every year students and faculty from both campuses congregate as one group. It helps foster a sense of community that the school would otherwise lack. When the school created convocation four years ago, the goal was to create a time for students from […]

Kattie Xu: Chinese

Kattie Xu: Chinese

Kattie Xu has joined the upper school Chinese department and is teaching AP Chinese after spending four years at a Los Angeles Unified School District school. “I like teaching to a different diversity of students,” Xu said. “Before I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles , I taught at a public school in […]