Music in the making

As Ben Beckman ’19 sat down to film a last-minute audition tape for one of the most prestigious music programs in the country, he made sure to position the camera so his pajama pants would not be seen. At that moment, Beckman had no idea that this last minute video would get him the opportunity […]

An Earful of Mainstream

With an increase in public playlists, some teens are easily able to see their peers’ music choices, and style their choices based on what they think will aid them in appearing elevated amongst their peers. 267 of 282 people use Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, and about 60 percent of those people publicize their playlists, […]

Accepting this Rose

At the beginning of every year, Nathan Russel ’21 observes all the buzz surrounding the new mystery man of “The Bachelor.” Due to the show’s popularity and older teens being the majority of dating show audiences according to a 2018 Statista study, Russel said he’s faced with a dilemma. He either has to watch a […]

You are going to Hollywood

You are going to Hollywood

Elizabeth Gaba ’17 advanced through the audition stage of “American Idol” with “All I Ask” by Adele, which premiered on ABC on March 17. “I was mostly surprised at how genuine and kind all of the other contestants were,” Gaba said. “Everybody sat in the audience for everyone’s performances and cheered everyone on. We all […]

Play-ing for Progress

Students performed a redesigned version of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Feb. 8-10 including LGBTQ characters. In directing the show, performing arts teacher Rees Pugh decided to put a progressive twist on the old Shakespearean story. The comedy portrays the events surrounding the forbidden marriage of two characters. In Shakespeare’s version, these characters […]

Write of Passage: Student playwrights announced

Performing arts teachers Ted Walch, Rees Pugh and Michele Spears announced this year’s plays for the Playwrights Festival. A committee comprised of both faculty and alumni selected 18 plays, which 19 students wrote. The Playwrights Festival produces one-act plays written by students in two programs, applicant Andrea Yagher ’20 said. “[The Playwrights Festival] is such […]

Dancing in the Starry Night

Sophia Nuñez ’20 frantically grabbed the costume box as she got ready to run onto the stage, excited for her upcoming dance. As the lights came up, she began her Lady Gaga dance, trying to mimic the performer’s unique persona in this year’s annual Dance Concert. “We spend hours even after rehearsal ends practicing and […]

Secret Santa

As the holidays approach, students share their experiences of how and when they found out that Santa Claus isn’t real: “When I was younger, I thought [Santa] was great, but one day I wondered why homeless people didn’t use him to get presents and food, and why some of my friends got more or less […]

Filmmakers in a Gray Area

Jack Safir ’19 and Kat Swander ’19 won the Teen Press HERO Award for their short documentary entitled “Gray Areas” after their visit to Tijuana, Mexico and the United States border with Mexico. “Gray Areas” marks the second consecutive HERO finalist award that has been received by students. The festival, in which winners of the […]

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