MSNBC correspondent speaks to students in Directed Study: The Election

MSNBC correspondent and best-selling author Jacob Soboroff ’01 visited a class of Directed Study: The Election to speak with students about his profession and new book Separated: Inside an American Tragedy on Oct. 19. History Department Head and The Election teacher Larry Klein invited Soboroff to discuss his work with his class of over 100 […]

Students participate in election projects, discussions in history classes

With the upcoming 2020 election looming, students are learning about the electoral process in their history classes. Whether it’s in the form of projects, lessons or in-class discussions, the majority of the students have learned about the electoral college, at the very least. Advanced Placement Human Geography student Jack Hartmeier ’22 said that even though […]

Opinion: Is Polling Still Useful After 2016?

Leading up to the 2020 election, both Democrats and Republicans have doubted national polling; however, it has consistently been a great way to get a general idea of who will likely win an election. In 2016, FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast gave Donald Trump only a 28.6% chance of winning the election. So, if polls are generally […]

Election 2020: The Chronicle’s Guide to Voting

Election 2020: The Chronicle’s Guide to Voting

The Chronicle has compiled a list of voting resources below in light of the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. My School Votes CA: (Contact Allie Landecker ’21 or Allegra Saltzman ’21 for more information.) “When We All Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close […]

Prefect Council hosts student political debate

Prefect Council hosts student political debate

Senior representatives participated in a political debate during Community Flex Time on Tuesday. Prefect Council hosted the debate, and history teacher Lauren Nichols ’03 and former history department chair Dave Waterhouse moderated it. Following an in person debate about the presidential election in 2016, this year’s political debate is the first virtual debate Prefect Council […]

Opinion: Settle for Biden?

On August 18, Joe Biden was nominated to be the Democratic Candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election and a movement called ‘Settle for Biden’ emerged in the Progressive community. This movement is comprised of previous Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters who do not enthusiastically support Biden but would prefer him as their next President […]