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Illustration by Evie De Rubertis

The Name Game

Melody Tang and Alec Rosenthal March 29, 2021

Late in her junior year, Kimberly Wang ’21 arrived at the Upper School to take her SAT Subject Test. She felt extremely nervous, but her stress for the exam was outweighed by an awkward situation. Instead...

Olivia Rahhal '23 cuddles her pet sheepadoodle.

Secret Life of Pets (in Quarantine)

Natalie Cosgrove March 27, 2021

When Olivia Rahhal ’23 returned to her house after leaving her sheepadoodle puppy home for the first time, she noticed her dog’s overly exaggerated behavior—specifically, her intense tail wagging...

Illustration by Alexa Druyanoff

Shedding the Stigma

Quincey Dern and Amelia Scharff March 26, 2021

Fighting nausea and counting on Advil to alleviate her menstrual cramps, Camryn Williams ’22 trudged to Chalmers for first period. Clutching her stomach and taking deep breaths to conceal her pain,...

Max Silver '20 observes his frozen-over campus at Southern Methodist University during the power outages in February.

Frozen in Time

Kate Burry March 26, 2021

    Waking up to a bright, snowy landscape on Presidents’ Day, Allison Park ’21 was baking brownies and playing outside with her cousin when, suddenly, the house went dark. Upon learning that Texas...

From Left: Quinn Callaghan '21, Maddie Boudov '21, Alon Moradi '21 and James Johnson Brown '21 pose in their choir classroom.

Zooming into the Classroom

Julian Andreone and Ryan Razmjoo March 25, 2021

Alon Moradi ’21 opened his computer Feb. 23 to an email from President Rick Commons announcing that students would be allowed to return to campus March 9. Mixed reactions echoed throughout the school...

In light of student isolation as a result of the pandemic, the school has made efforts to host speakers, such as Tony Award-winning actor Ben Platt ’10 and Jackie Greenberg ’19, who talked about their own experiences with mental health.

Teens in Teletherapy

Quincey Dern and Mia Feizbakhsh March 24, 2021

When Upper School Psychologist Sophie Wasson recommended to Lauren Lee ’20 that she meet with a therapist, Lee initially felt resistant to the suggestion. She said she had adopted the common...

After participating in a political debate during a Community Flex Time earlier this school year, Liam Sullivan '23 found himself connecting with his teachers because of his conservatism rather than being targeted for it.

Silent or Silenced: Viewpoints of Conservatives on Campus

Alec Rosenthal March 24, 2021

During the 2020 Presidential Election cycle, Ryan Mashian '21 frequently found several of his classes discussing politics. However, Mashian knew that introducing his conservative opinions on issues such...

(From left to right) Atticus Tyagi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Lavinia Tyagi ’23 embrace with a smile as they pose for a photo.

Diplomacy at the dinner table

Fallon Dern, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

It’s half past six on a Wednesday. A family of five places plates on a table, grabbing cups, silverware and helpings of shepherd’s pie. It smells like home, and it looks like any other family eating...

An illustration included in the Society section of the Westlake School for Girls 1919 newspaper, the Vox Puellarum, which depicts a soldier and a Westlake student.

Two Pandemics: From the Past to the Present

Katharine Steers March 23, 2021

Every morning at 7:45 a.m., Sofia Llevat ’22 wakes up to her phone alarm. She stands in front of her closet, contemplating what to wear to virtual school. While Llevat resists the urge to stay in her...

Day in the Life: Holden McRae '20

Day in the Life: Holden McRae ’20

Milla Ben-Ezra February 11, 2021

Sitting at his piano, chords humming, beats tapping, Holden McRae ’20 shifts between music production, college work and a self-owned takeout business. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, McRae fills his...

Quaranteen Love

Quaranteen Love

Ethan Lachman December 15, 2020

For Stone Kletecka ’21 and his girlfriend, their one-year anniversary came Oct. 26, but it barely resembled the celebration they envisioned at the start of their relationship. Accustomed to living within...

On Native Land

On Native Land

Tessa Augsberger December 11, 2020

3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave. in Studio City, California is the ancestral territory of the Chumash, Tongva, Fernandeño Tataviam and other Native American peoples, according to Native Land Digital. Now,...

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