Fencing Competes for Second Foil

Fencing is one of the few Harvard-Westlake sports that competes year round. This season the team is looking to become back to back league champions. There are three different fencing divisions based off of the on the weapon blade used.The most basic of the swords, épée, has a hand guard and touches could be scored […]

Small D’Armes

Small D’Armes

Golden trophies line the thin shelves nailed to the wall of the school’s Salle d’armes- French for “armory.”  A trash can sits in the middle of the floor, collecting the water dripping from a leak in the roof. The fluorescent lighting inside reflects off of the trophies and the smudged mirror, shedding light on the […]

Valiant victory in victor valley

Boys’ and girls’ varsity epee and saber fencers competed at the Victor Valley High School event of the Southern California Scholastic Fencing League Tournament Dec. 4. Kimberly Kimura ’19 placed first in the varsity girl’s epee league at the competition. Varsity Girls’ Saber Captain Sylvie Sanders ’17 placed second in the league for women’s saber […]