Changing it up: Dress code to address gender identity

Administrators drafted an altered wording of the school’s Dress Code, which acknowledges gender identity and issues with its enforcement, as a result of complaints from both upper and middle school students. The revised Dress Code was sent to affinity groups via email May 23 and will be printed in the 2017-18 Student Handbook. Conversations about […]

Voice of the people: Yearbook published

Vox Populi staff distributed yearbooks to seniors Thursday during Senior Transition Day and to all other grade levels Friday. All seniors will receive new yearbooks after initial copies omitted eight seniors from their class page. “It’s really cool to see everyone carrying around and enjoying the yearbooks, especially after all the hard work that the […]

Club sells smoothies for literacy programs

Students sold Jamba Juice smoothies to support the non- profit Pencils of Promise today on the quad. According to its website, the organization aims to increase literacy rates around the world by building schools and providing educational resources to teachers and students. The charity is currently working in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua with programs […]

Queen sweep: student wins chess competition

Tiber Seireeni ’18 won the Harvard-Westlake Chess Championship. The championship ended with a match between Ethan Tam ’19 and Seireeni. Rounds were played between May 1 and May 22, and both finalists will be added to a trophy in Chalmers. “My favorite part [about playing chess] is being able to just play the game with […]

Peer Support chooses coordinators, trainees

Upper school psychologist and Peer Support Program Head Luba Bek announced coordinators and trainees for the 2017-2018 school year April 24 and May 19, respectively. Axel Rivera de Leon ’18, Charlotte Weinman ’18, Jake Neuman ’18 and Isabel Wiatt ’18 will be next year’s coordinators. Sophomores applying for a trainee position filled out an application […]

Debaters participate in Kentucky tournament

Eight debate students participated in the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky. Evan Engel ’17 and Spencer Paul ’19 both reached octafinals, the round of 16, and Connor Engel ’17 made it to the round of 32. Connor Engel also won the eight speaker award out of 86 participants in the event. The annual event […]

Vox Populi to reprint yearbooks

Due to eight missing portraits in the senior section, the yearbook staff will reprint yearbooks for the senior class and provide the entire student body with page inserts containing the missing portraits. “We feel horrible about what happened, and we’re trying our best to fix everything,” Vox Populi Editor-in-Chief Maddy Ulloa ’17 said. “We got […]

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