Website ranks school statewide, nationally named Harvard-Westlake the best private high school in California and the fourth best in the nation for 2017. According to the website, the rankings were calculated based on several factors, with the most weight on standardized testing scores, top colleges score and enrollment and cultural diversity.  Harvard-Westlake was given an A+ on their rating scale […]

Commons addresses divisions due to election

Hoping to rally the community together after students and faculty alike reacted with shock and fear to the results of the election, President Rick Commons sent an email to the student body addressing ways in which the school can remain united in a time of division. “While it is important for us to welcome thoughtful political […]

Club holds election watch party

Students and faculty gathered in Ahmanson Lecture Hall to watch the election results come in after school Nov. 8. The event was run by the Junior State of America club and the AP United States Government and Politics classes. Attendees discussed the results as they watched the election unfold through the CNNgo live broadcast. Students […]

Students discuss presidential race, participate in mock election

To promote interest among the student body for the upcoming presidential election, Kutler Center courses each dedicated a class period to discussing the election the week of Oct. 30. “With this election project we wanted to stimulate awareness and excitement for the election in two weeks time,” Middle Eastern Studies teacher Dror Yaron said. “We […]

First Coffeehouse to be held later this month

Students will perform in the first Coffeehouse of the year after school Nov. 28 in the Chalmers Lounge. The event typically includes 15 to 20 acts with one to four performers per act. Performances can include songs, poetry and stand up comedy. All students have the opportunity to perform, and sign up sheets will be released in […]

Chemistry class sets off fire alarm

A sophomore in Chemistry prompted a fire alarm seventh period due to a mistake in a lab. In an experiment testing the melting points of various chemicals, the student left chemicals on a Bunsen burner for too long, causing a large flame. The alarm lasted for a few minutes, and students gathered on the Ted Slavin […]

Alumnus speaks to Business of Life

Entrepreneur Evan Horowitz ’99 advised Business of Life students to follow their dreams and learn from their failures during third and fourth period Oct. 27. Sameer Gupta ’99, who helped in developing the entrepreneurship program at school, recommended Horowitz to speak as part of HW Venture’s Lunch and Lecture Series. Throughout his talk, Horowitz emphasized the value […]

Seniors to wear white robes at graduation

The Class of 2017 will wear white gowns and caps to graduation this year following the decision to end the tradition of girls wearing white gowns and boys wearing black gowns in order to promote inclusivity. Prefect Council sent a survey to seniors where they could choose whether they would prefer wearing white or black gowns and […]

Cheer practice cut short due to complaints

Complaints from neighbors forced cheerleading practice to be cut short Oct. 14 during their scheduled practice time. The team was practicing for their Homecoming dance, which they performed the next day. The practice was scheduled for 7 to 8 p.m, but before the end of practice the cheer team was asked to leave the field by […]

StoneCutters holds bake sale

Staff members on the literary magazine StoneCutters handed out a variety of baked goods such as cookies, pies and brownies in exchange for a follow on the magazine’s Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr accounts to raise awareness for the magazine and tell students that submissions for the magazine are now open. The event took place Oct. […]

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