Studio City businesses struggle amid pandemic

Five months after restaurants reopened for outdoor dining in Los Angeles, the economy is slowly climbing back to where it was before the pandemic. Yet with many shops and offices closed, widespread layoffs mean that many people can no longer afford to spend money at the same rate they could before the pandemic. Ultimate Cleaners […]

High school volunteers host virtual summer courses for young students

In order to break down educational barriers and provide academic support for under-resourced students, some students have expanded their philanthropic organizations.    Founded by Hope Shinderman  ’21 after the COVID-19 outbreak, Bored of Boredom is an organization that serves elementary and middle schoolers. Shinderman said Bored of Boredom strives to bring enrichment opportunities to those who have […]

LA city officials seek to alleviate homelessness

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant economic hardship in Los Angeles, the homeless population has increased by 12.7%, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services. City officials and social service organizations, such as Homeless Health Care (HHC),  are currently focusing their resources to fight the dual crises of homelessness and COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, […]

Studio City adapts to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Studio City’s stretch of Ventura Boulevard to transform throughout the summer, as businesses have adapted to stay afloat and provide for others in the community. Granville, The Village, Katsu-Ya Sushi and other restaurants have added tables outside and separated them with sneeze guards in order to maintain social distancing boundaries. As […]

Facing coronavirus together

Facing coronavirus together

Having experienced nearly a 90 percent drop in business, Dove Rose does not know how many clients to expect when she opens her computer for virtual wellness sessions.  As a private trainer who began teaching classes at just 15 years old, the North Hollywood-based owner of Dove’s Bodies had to adapt when the threat of […]

Should we be worried about our pets?

Should we be worried about our pets?

With an increasing number of people adopting or fostering animals over the quarantine, some may be worried about possible virus transmission through their new household pets. Articles published by the Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) suggest otherwise by saying that the transmission of COVID-19 through pets is highly unlikely. […]

Studio City residents vote in local, primary elections

Studio City residents vote in local, primary elections

Today, citizens will vote in the primary elections for both Democratic presidential candidates and numerous local officials, propositions and policies for their district. For the San Fernando Valley, which includes Studio City, there are two other notable elections taking place: United States Representative of District 30 and the State Assemblymember of District 46. Four candidates […]

Neighborhood restaurants offer discounts to students

In an initiative to facilitate relationships between students and the community, students can now receive discounts at neighboring restaurants such as Carney’s, Sharky’s, Yen Sushi, Brian’s Shave Ice and Brit Boba if they present their student IDs. Student discounts vary from restaurant to restaurant: at Carney’s, students received 50 percent off on their purchases Friday. […]

Ridgecrest Earthquake shakes up Garlock Fault and community

The 6.4 and 7.1 magnitude Ridgecrest earthquakes that occurred earlier this month  were the largest earthquakes in Southern California in two  decades. These earthquakes caused the Garlock Fault to  slide for the first time in recorded history. Some scientists speculate that this movement could potentially trigger the next California earthquake with a magnitude in the 8 range, colloquially […]

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