The Truth: Tied to Technology

Then school starts, and we receive our daily doses of disheveled bed head and pajama tops via Zoom. For almost a quarter of each day, we sit facing the screen, filling breaks with TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. Whether for work or for play, we’re constantly on our devices. How do you start talking to someone […]

Problematic portrayal of police in the media

If you watch TV, you’ve seen it: the “loose cannon” cop who doesn’t play by the rules and sticks with their hunch until they get the criminal, no matter whose rights they have to violate to get there. This archetype is incredibly popular in media, and audiences are naturally compelled by these righteous defenders of […]

Uprooting anti-Blackness in Asian America

Black people are protesting for the right to breathe in a society that has been slowly constricting their airways, suffocating them through racialized tactics: redlining, blockbusting, police brutality and a criminal justice system that disproportionately incarcerates people of color. The list of Black people killed by police officers continues to grow: Eric Garner. Michael Brown. […]

Dear Saba: Last Day

Dear Saba: Last Day

Dear Seventh Grade Saba, Today is my last day of high school. While I drive down Coldwater Canyon for what will be one of the last times ever, dodging the familiar potholes and sliding instinctively with each sharp turn, I feel in control. On your first day of Harvard-Westlake, you approached the bus sporting your […]

Testing Trump and the term limit

Testing Trump and the term limit

The 22nd Amendment, calling for a two term presidency, has been in effect for over half a century, but under President Donald Trump, a debate about the term limit has been reintroduced. Trump has spoken at rallies, seemingly joking, about tacking on two extra years to his presidency because he was robbed of some time […]

Building beliefs

Being opinionated is usually considered to be a negative characteristic. Opinionated people can be seen as picky, dogmatic or even pompous. Despite how often it is overlooked, there is immense value in the development and defense of personal viewpoints, especially for high school students. Formulating personal beliefs is a crucial aspect of entering adulthood. Outside […]

An analysis of Affirmative Action

Last year, the Chronicle published an article called “Slipping Through the Safety Net: Students deal with lower acceptance rates at universities.” The matriculation statistics in big text were terrifying, and I recall loud, panicked discussion of our college prospects. Students seemed worried that the “Harvard-Westlake advantage” had been lost. Too often do students seem to […]

Calling out call-out culture

Calling out call-out culture

Rosetta Lee, educator and diversity consultant, made a resounding political statement in her speech to the Upper School: in addressing micro-aggressions, students ought to maintain respect for the person with whom they are engaging in dialogue. Lee’s speech came at a time of heightened political division under “call-out culture” across the American political spectrum. While […]

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