Appreciate don’t appropriate

Appreciate don’t appropriate

Though Ariana Grande’s latest single “7 Rings” may have landed a place on Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist, it also landed the artist in a pool of angry listeners that have accused her of culturally appropriating black culture in her lyrics. Just as we begin to forget the topic that has slowly disappeared beneath the […]

Activities List: Beyond 150 Characters

Activities List: Beyond 150 Characters

“Reporting activities can help a college better understand your life outside of the classroom,” the Common Application reads. “Your activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments, and other pursuits. Do you have any activities that you wish to report?” The dreaded “activities list” offers space for 10 activities an applicant deems important, asking […]

Letter to the Editors: A case for Kavanaugh

I felt compelled to write a response to Chronicle Digital Managing Editor Lucas Gelfond and Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Sophie Haber’s article regarding their opinions about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. I write this article in good faith hoping it will engender productive discourse on campus and help remedy the ever-present lack of […]

Ending with a bang

Neither of us really want to write this. Not because we don’t enjoy writing anymore, but because this article means that we need to be at school to work on it even though neither of us really need to be here. AP Exams have finished. Dozens of classrooms are abandoned. Neither of us have seen […]


At every restaurant, dinners are split into two. The clank of dishes on tables sets off a dichotomy between those who want to publicize the moment and those who want to savor it. Half of restaurant-goers scramble to grab phones from back pockets, bags and laps while the other half snatch up the closest utensils […]

The struggle is real but worth it

Harvard-Westlake is hard. We all know that. Impressive academics, time consuming extracurriculars and competitive social lives are arguably the selling points of the school but also the reason why many students groan to arrive on campus every morning. And while it’s easy to reflect on these difficulties in vain, Harvard-Westlake has raised me to be […]

Teacher’s pet

During the hardest times at Harvard-Westlake, small moments with my best friends would get me through the day. In seventh grade, when I received my first 56 percent on an Algebra I test, my coolest best friend who rode a tri-hawk consoled me. In eighth grade, when I was struggling with history class and I […]

Don’t fock it up

Try blending in with the Southern California elite fresh off the boat from Korea. Adjusting to America was tough and if I were to survive here, I’d first have to find a way to belong. Middle school had some minor advantages: students were not as competitive, I was fine wearing the same clothes everyday and […]

Here’s to my teachers

In the next few weeks, we’ll all be celebrated for the accomplishment of getting through Harvard-Westlake and praised for all our hard work. Before I indulge in my own awesomeness, I have to acknowledge the people who have taught me and lifted me up. The people I have to thank are not only teachers by […]

Call me by Antoine

Believe it or not, I’ve never written a Chronicle opinion piece, despite being the Opinion Editor for our illustrious middle school magazine, The Spectrum, and the writer of the nationally-acclaimed “Leaning Left” column. I don’t know exactly what’s changed (except for switching out the sweat shorts for chinos), but here goes nothing. Funnily enough, it […]

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