Track undergoes renovation

Construction has been completed to replace the previously water damaged track with a brand new surface, as per Head Coach Jonas Koolsbergen’s recommendation. The athletic administration and Chief of Campus Operations and Construction Jim DeMatte ultimately made the decision to upgrade the track. “I was involved in the decision making process, and we certainly included […]

Track and Field sees early victories

The girls’ and boys’ track and field teams have started off the season strong and are currently 3-1 and 4-2 respectively, though the girls’ team is significantly smaller. Although there are a changes within the girls’ team dynamic, the members do not feel that it is hindering their performance. “While [having fewer girls on the […]

Individual runners excel during CIF post-season

Individual runners excel during CIF post-season

The varsity track and field team has exceled this season, going nearly undefeated in the Mission League and overall. Seventeen members of the squad made it to CIF playoffs individually, with a breakdown of seven boys and 10 girls, and nine of those people qualified for the finals on May 21. The boys are ranked […]