Choirs sing together in festival

Bel Canto, Chamber Singers and the Wolverine Chorus performed together in the same choral festival for the first time in 13 years at the seventh annual College of the Canyons High School Invitational Choir Festival Nov. 12.

Bel Canto is composed of all female singers. The Wolverine Chorus is composed of all male singers.

Both the Wolverine Chorus and the Chamber Singers missed school all day Nov. 12, while singers in Bel Canto missed only half of their classes.

“[I looked forward to] experiencing how other choirs work because I hear that ours is really good, but I [had not] compared it to anyone [else’s],” Daniel Dávila ’14, a first-year Chamber Singer who had never attended any choir festival before, said.

Each Harvard-Westlake singer had to observe and take notes on the other singers and choirs that performed in the festival.

The students wrote down what the other singers and the other choirs did well, and they also recorded what aspects of their performance each of the singers and each of the choirs needed to improve on. The students’ notes on the other singers and choirs will be submitted to upper school performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero, who will look at the notes and factor them in as a part of each student’s grade.

Bel Canto’s performance at the College of the Canyons High School Invitational Choir Festival was the culmination of all of Bel Canto’s work this year until that point, Julia Safir ’15, a Bel Canto singer, said.

“Everyone looks forward to [the festival],” Benny Weisman ’15, one of the students who performed with Chamber Singers, said. “It is fun, [and] it is a nice break from school.”

The choral groups at the festival sang songs from many different cultures that were in a variety of languages.

The lyrics for the songs the students sang were in languages like Latin, German and Spanish in addition to English.

Some of the songs they performed included “Cantante Domino” and “Her Der Zigna auch.”

Harvard-Westlake is just one of the many high schools that competed in the festival this year.

Some of the other high schools that partcipated in the College of the Canyons High School Invitational Choir Festival include Santa Monica High School and Valencia High School.

“I think it is going to be amazing to see at our very first performance [this year] how we do and [to see] if we step up [from our performane last year],” Safir said.

“[The festival] was a lot fun the past two years,” Alex Berman ’14, a Chamber Singer said. “It was really cool to see all the other choirs. There were a lot of different types of music and choirs, and that leads to a lot of interesting choral diversity.”

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